07 September 2012

Lapham Peak 26.2

Salutations, Blog!

Well, tomorrow I'll be at the InStep Trail Runs at Lapham Peak for 4 Black Loops.  If you've ever run at Lapham Peak, you probably are familiar with the Black Loop.  It's a doozy.  It's one of the most challenging loops I've ever run.

I've managed to get down there twice to run multiple loops on the course, and after doing that, I'm hoping to run under 4 hours tomorrow for the marathon.  That'll be the slowest marathon I will have run since Chicago in 2007!

Like I said, it's a doozy.

Training hasn't been great, but I think it has been adequate.  Between my two amazing kids (Edwin, 2, and Estelle, 8 months tomorrow and already standing!) and a practice that has grown 10% in the last 6 months, I have been averaging about 20-35 miles a week, with a couple 50-mile weeks in there.

Most of my runs feel slow and my legs always feel heavy.  There's not any 'spring' to them...but I think a race day environment can help to change that, just like it did in June when I ran 2:59.  So, I'll be there tomorrow, I'll take it easy the first two times around the Black Loop, and I'll try to have something left to clean up the carnage in the later miles.

I'll also bring along a cooler with some beer, just in case I need to ice down my pride.

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