01 July 2012

On to the next challenge.

This week was absolutely crazy at work, and this weekend I was in St. Louis to talk to a possible addition to the office -- another Chiropractor.  Add in my revelling in last weekend's triumph, and let's just say I ate pizza 4 different days.  I also didn't exactly hydrate all that well.  Add in to THAT  a rough week of sleep for Edwin (teeth) and Estelle (pissed that I would be leaving for the weekend, I guess) and it wasn't exactly a great launching pad for the next challenge.
But tomorrow, that starts.  I will ease in very slowly to a training plan for a trail marathon in September and my GOAL EVENT -- a trail 50k in October (see upper right for links).  I really want to run well at these, and I'll be taking a different approach to this summer's running, schedule-wise, periodization-wise, and time-wise.  I'm excited to get going on it!
The "Sub-3" is finally in the books.  Now it's on to a "Sub-4" 50k in October.

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Grellan said...

Just catching up Nic. Fantastic result at the Maritime Marathon. Huge Congratulations on your 2 something PB - you'll never beat that ;-) It seems like you relaxed into this one without over analysing things and coming 2nd (from 6th at halfway) is an incredible achievement.