01 May 2012

Rein it in a bit

After two pretty big weeks, I figured this Monday would be a rest day.  Edwin and Estelle teamed up to guarantee it by waking up multiple times throughout the night on Sunday night.  Then, I was up this morning to run and felt pretty terrible at the beginning.  It was as if every ounce of me was saying..."one more day off, please!"  So I toughed it out for 2 miles to see if things would turn around, and they didn't.  While not technically a zero day, today was rest as well.

Last week I managed several decent runs, including a 7 miler with 5 at 6:22 pace and an 11 miler with  9 at 6:30 pace.  Both of those runs definitely had me out of my 'cruising pace' and had my HR very high, but they also made 6:50's feel much easier on the easier runs of the week. I had a total of 53 miles on the week, all on roads, and with some added 'cross training' of packing and moving in to a new house, the stress levels were pretty high.  As I type this, I'm feeling more fresh again and ready to get after it a bit more in the rest of the week. 

I plan on sticking to the roads for now...because I have a feeling when I move in to the new house and can access endless single-track trails from my back door, it's going to be difficult to convince myself to keep pounding the pavement.  Hopefully the determination for a sub-3 will keep me motivated enough to get it!

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