20 April 2012

Half Marathon PR!

With my full attention being given to breaking 3 hours in the marathon in late June, I have shifted my training from the trails and hills to learning how to hold a 6:45 pace and getting comfortable there.  Today was definitely a step in the right direction, as I PR'd in the 13.1 distance with a 1:28:26!  I haven't run a real half marathon in almost 4 years, but I felt solid all day, even running a 6:16 final mile, after starting out with two easy warmup miles of 7:19 and 7:11. 

Let's keep the momentum going!


Grellan said...

Great job Nic. Well on the way. How did you feel at the finish? Could you have run on for a few more miles at 6:45 pace?

SteveQ said...

Nice! I used to predict marathon times by doubling the half-marathon and adding 10 minutes, which would put you at 3:07, but as a marathon pace run, that's pretty solid.

nwgdc said...

Thanks, Grellan- I felt really fresh at the finish. The only issue was a bit of a sour stomach, but I mostly attribute that to the fact that I started my run about an hour later than scheduled due to my daughter, so I took in an extra couple cups of coffee. I definitely could have run another half an hour at 6:45 pace without much trouble.
Steve- so you're saying I've got to run a 1:25 half marathon? I'll put that into my schedule along with what I'm calling "HELL WEEK" where I try and simulate a week you planned out on your blog a couple weeks ago. Wish me luck!

SteveQ said...

DON'T (try either one)!

nwgdc said...

DON'T?! Cmon...it would give me something great to write about, wouldn't it?
So WHAT if I destroy myself only 6 weeks out? I can recover!