26 May 2011

New Blog...

Hello all! Starting next week, I'll be posting on a new blog. I've decided to make a fundraising effort in the name of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. It's a truly amazing cause, and my effort in the Fall 50 on October 22 will be going to that cause. I won't be posting updates on this site until after that event, so please update your reader and blogger accounts.

Also, please, please, please, link to the new blog and encourage your (much more popular) readers to visit the new site (and donate to the cause!).

I'm still working out a couple details regarding the new site and the fundraising effort, but check back there for details and please look up "Honor Flight Fifty" on Facebook as well.

My Grandfathers (and my namesakes) were WWII veterans, and that generation deserves all the praise and honor that we can provide.

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