15 May 2011

Looking Ahead

I had an interesting conversation with Bruce at the IAT50k this last weekend. He and I both ran Glacial Trail last year, where I finished 3rd and he 4th. After that event, he mentioned that it was a training run for the Fall 50. Sidenote--the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place runners at Glacial trail finished, in the same order, 4th, 5th, and 6th at Ice Age.
My plan for the fall is to run the North Face (either 26.2 or 50k), then run Glacial Trail 50k, and then the Fall 50. I'm already signed up for the Fall 50 and have wanted to go back to that race since it really kicked my behind a couple years ago.
So anyway, I asked Bruce how the Glacial Trail/Fall50 worked last year, and he said that he was not recovered enough from Glacial. He said his legs were tired at around mile 20 of the Fall 50--much more tired than they should have been--and he attributed it to not enough taper. Uh Oh.
I have had mixed results with both the 3-week taper and the 2-week taper. I'm not sure what works better for me, but I guess I'd lean towards three weeks when the main goal is 50 miles. Still...I really love the Glacial event and really, really want to run it! And run it fast.
I consider myself an early riser. I'm up by 5:21 every morning. Still, if I'm planning a trail run, I'll get up at 4:30 to be at the trail (about 20 minutes away) before the sun rises. If I'm planning a road run, I find myself hitting the snooze over and over again.
I guess I'm rationalizing a heavier trail running summer in preparation for the Glacial Trail 50k. Hey, more miles on my feet can only help with the 50 mile training. I should really consider running the Glacial Trail 50 miler...but considering I've already registered for the Fall 50, it's tough to turn away on it.
Plus, the Fall 50 is, in it's own way, a TON OF FUN. And in addition to that, I've got a pretty neat fundraising effort planned around the Fall 50. More on that in a couple weeks.
In the meantime, I haven't run a step this week. I've increased my biking a bit, making my trips to and from work on the bike. This weekend Ellie and I are getting away for a couple days of biking in Door County...coincidentally, the home of the Fall 50.
After that, though, it's time to start building for the fall. I'm still accepting coaches too, so let me know if you're interested SteveQ!

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SteveQ said...

Hey, you're the only one who seems to read my posts and think I'm onto something.

Get that sub-3 first, darn it!