02 May 2011

Last Big Weekend

With the Ice Age 50k two weeks away, this past weekend was my last-ditch effort to get fit for the run. It just so happened that a seminar was going to have me near Milwaukee for the weekend, so I scheduled a camping trip and some miles on the actual course.
Before leaving for Milwaukee, though, I ran 16 miles of hill repeats on the Ice Age Trail near home. I was really hoping for 20 miles but couldn't close the deal. In order to fit the run in to my home/work schedule, I was running by 5 AM, and I simply ran out of calories and water and...well...the fortitude to stick out the run.

Friday night was a seminar on the nutritional benefits of L-arginine (interesting stuff, I swear). I spent the night in a tent at Ottawa Lake Campground in the Southern Kettles and loved it. Despite the fact the temperatures dipped into the 30's, I was warm all night. After another 6 hours of class on Saturday morning, it was time to hit the trails of the Ice Age 50K course. I ran the first part of the 50k course, which is an out and back on the Ice Age Trail to Horseriders Camp. Instead, though, of turning around at Horseriders, I kept going...all the way to the Emma Carlin trails. Emma Carlin is where the 50 milers turn around, so that added 6.2 miles on to my run. I finished up around 19 miles, with no idea how long it took (Close to 3 hours, I think) due to my Garmin Watch battery dying.

After the run, I checked out the La Grange General Store which is a landmark in the area. I grabbed a great sandwich and a bottle of Two Hearted Ale, and made my way back to the campsite. I was fast asleep by 10 pm, and only woke up to some rain about midnight.

Sunday morning I was definitely feeling some ache in my legs but wanted to get in 2 loops on the Nordic Trails. The "blue loop" makes up the last 18 miles of the course. That trail never stops going up and down, and I managed about 70 minute loops, with the second loop actually a couple seconds faster than the first loop.

So, the last big weekend is in the books. I'm going to do my best to taper and get the lead out of my legs by May 14, and then it'll be time to get after it!


SteveQ said...

The general store in La Grange is a landmark because it's the only business in La Grange!

Arginine supplementation does nothing for most people except to temporarily shift their nitrogen balance and make their kidneys work harder to excrete the excess.

While it's the least memorable part of the Ice Age course, the Nordic Loop's endless rolling hills are a killer.

Stacey Sharp said...

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