17 August 2010

Past Weeks, Upcoming Training, Planned Races, and the amazing "sleep schedule" of an 11 month old

Well, the summer is rolling along! I got up this morning and headed to play basketball in the dark at 5:20 am. Today at the office the windows are open and the AC is off for the first time in a month, and I'm starting to look ahead to running in long sleeves again--well, at least sleeves. I may just use the 'arm panties.'
My weekly running update posts lasted all of 2 weeks. So, in a feeble attempt to catch up, I'll share the following:
I ran my first 20+ miler since the Trailbreaker Marathon in March. It was 2 weeks ago and entirely on the Glacial Trail course. I felt good nutrition-wise, but my legs need to get stronger, so once again I've picked up the habit of hill repeats at least weekly. Last weekend I ran a 'fast' 15 miles on the Trail at 8:15 pace, and didn't feel like it was all too tough. That really got me optimistic for the upcoming events.
I signed up for the North Face Trail Marathon in September, and then Glacial Trail in early October. I will also be running as a 4-person relay in the Fall 50...with Ellie and my in-laws. The only way they'd sign up is if I guaranteed to cover 30 miles. Done. That event is in late October, so this leaves November for either 1) a sub-3 marathon attempt--not likely or 2) a "thru-run" of the Ice Age Trail in the Northern Kettles (31 miles). I'm not sure yet, but the fact I haven't run a single 'repeat' of any distance yet doesn't bode well for a fast marathon.
This week I'm hoping to run 22 miles of the course, then next week is a recovery week and a wedding trip to Kentucky. The following week, Labor Day, I'm hoping to do a 20 miler and a 24 miler on the long weekend. Then I'll pull back for a week before racing the North Face Marathon, which will hopefully go well and give me a lot of confidence before I taper down for the Glacial Trail 50k on October 10. Sheesh, that mildly resembles a training schedule!
Schedule? Did someone say schedule? Tell that to Eddy, who was up at 11:30 pm, 12:45 am, 3:00 am, 4:30 am, and 7:00 am last night.


Viper said...

Nice running and parenting stats. Cheers!

carpeviam said...

Rolling along?! It's almost OVER!!

Ace said...

New parenting + running = hard core.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow. You demoted "12:45 am, 3:00 am, 4:30 am, and 7:00 am" to "last night"?

Where I come from, those guys get to be "this morning". But then I'm a "liberal". (According to you.)

Well ... time to go hug a tree. And if I'm lucky? The tree will spread its limbs for me - and if it does? I'm going for it! The sap will be flowing.

Hey! Don't call me a sap!

SteveQ said...

Okay, Edster wakes up every two hours, but does he get fed then... and how many turns did you take in getting him back to sleep?

My longest run so far's only 16. And it was SLOW.

Jess said...

Already 11 months old? That doesn't seem right...

Some nights are like that. Amazing how you just learn to roll with it and then when you get an awesome night where you get a huge block of uninterrupted sleep, it is glorious!

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