20 August 2010

4th Last Long Run

Yesterday was my 2nd 20 miler, and "4th-Last-Long-Run-Before-Glacial" and it went...okay.
I was hoping to have a faster pace, but when compared to my 20 miler from 2 weeks ago, my overall pace improved from 8:40 to 8:30.
I'm really happy with the nutrition plan I have going, but I'm starting to wonder how much is too much? I've read that one should shoot for 300 calories an hour. I did about 240 yesterday for the first 2 hours, and I almost felt like too much blood was in my gut absorbing the nutrients, leaving my legs a bit DEAD. I'll have to keep working on that.
Any thoughts? How much is TOO much when it comes to calorie intake?


Carolina John said...

I've always heard 200 calories per hour was enough.

SteveQ said...

My best marathons and 50K's were done on 0 calories - but then again, I'm an idiot. 200 cal./hr is what most runners attempt when running 24 hours and top 100 milers are usually at 300/hr; Chris Gardner did the Superior 100on "one gel every 20 minutes."

Calories for a 50K depend upon whether you've carbo-loaded, on what and how much you eat before you run and what you're used to. I think comfort is the main thing; don't get hungry, don't get nauseous and you're good to go.