11 July 2010

This Week's Rundown (13 weeks)

This Week's Hidden Wildlife Photo

Monday -- continuing my newfound moderation, I didn't run but instead biked 33 miles. On Sunday I had biked 17 miles, so a nice even 50 in less than 24 hours.

Tuesday -- 4 easy (and I mean EASY) miles in the morning. My foot wasn't liking the run, and I wasn't liking the humidity.

Wednesday -- again...moderation! Rest!

Thursday -- 15.5 miles on the Ice Age Trail. I was 'paced' by swarms of mosquitoes and deerflies. Hot and Humid and sticky--gotta love Sconny this time of year. I ran the Glacial Trail course from the turnaround to the road (which starts .5 miles from the finish) in 2:11.

Friday -- Rest! And lots of work. I closed the office on Monday for the holiday, so everything got smushed into the end of the week.

Saturday -- 7 Miles-- 1 mile warmup, 5 mile Cheesehead Chase, 1 mile cooldown. I ran 7:25 miles pushing a stroller with a 7 month old in it (my nephew) and had an AveHR of 171. I'll call that a decent tempo effort--35+ minutes at 170 HR.

Sunday -- I wanted to get another 7 miles in, but no such luck today. A fussy baby, some car repairs, and work got in the way, so...Hey--Moderation! I'll continue my increase in activity and mileage once again next week.

*After reading about the Devil's Lake race this past weekend, I guess I've got to add it to my list. Last fall I ran around Devil's Lake and LOVED it. In a couple weeks I'm attending a seminar nearby, so I'm hoping to get a run in once again.
*The North Face finally posted information about the upcoming Endurance Challenge in Wisconsin, including the course map for the events. I'm looking forward to the marathon, as it features what were my favorite portions of the 50k event from last year.
*My son started rolling over from his tummy to his back this week. Wow, does time fly!


Ace said...

That kid is gonna be doing intervals before you know it!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Moderation is all fine and good.


SteveQ said...

So you're training with a heavier child so you can race faster with Edwin in a stroller, eh?