25 July 2010

Weekly Fortnight (That's two weeks, right?) Rundown

Yikes! Time keeps on slippin' away!
Last week was my biggest weekly mileage week in a looong time. Other than some minor aches in my foot after a 19 miler on the Glacial Trail course last Saturday, in the mid day heat, the only objections from my body seem to be those dull muscular aches. I hit 48 miles total on 6 runs. Not bad.
Ellie has been battling a cold for a while now, and my body finally succumbed as well. I'm already over it as of tonight's 10 miler induced several farmer blows and I'm looking forward to next week. I missed Wednesday through Saturday due to the illness, but now I'm back at it.
I ran at Walla Hi County Park tonight, for the first time since last spring, the day after I ran the Trailbreaker Marathon. I avoided the park for a couple reasons: 1) last fall I found a tick on Parsenn after the run, and 2) the park tends to get completely overgrown--not just with tall grass, but with thorns--in the summer. Today I found the trails in relatively decent shape and will likely return soon for some more hills, but also found exactly one other guy driving around the park, in a way that kinda creeped me out. All windows open on his early 90's Jeep Cherokee, blasting some romantic elevator music (seriously), just moving around the park, parking in different areas. When I ran by, he'd follow me from a distance, then re-park. After I'd get past him, he'd turn up the music even louder. Finally, after I finished up my 1:20 run, I was standing by my truck, he drove by and very subtlely nodded his head, as if to say, follow me, as he drove past.
It didn't really dawn on me what motives he was most likely at the park for, until I was telling this same story to Ellie, and she filled me in. I guess she's a bit more street smart than me.

Creepy. (that guy at the park, not Ellie)

Moving On...

I've got a TON of pics of Edwin I want to share so I hope to update this post with some photos of my man (who turns TWO MONTHS OLD on Wednesday!!) soon.

See you on the trails!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ZOMG, Nic! You finally get a chance to find out definitively whether you're a "sloppy top" or a "dirty bottom" and YOU BLEW IT!

(And not in the good sense.)

(Also: I have money riding in the blogosphere pool on "dirty bottom".)

SteveQ said...

Edwin's more street smart than you!

joyRuN said...

Was that guy in the jeep 6'5" with glasses & is a NJ librarian?