12 January 2010

Looking Ahead to 2010

Just when I thought my life was getting busy, enter fatherhood :)

With the baby due in May, I'm definitely leaving my fall running plans in the "Tentative" category. As for the spring, things are coming together. A couple new marathons in Wisconsin will highlight my spring. Thus far, I've got the following on the schedule:

February 13 - Run Toto Run 50K. I'm looking forward to this little weekend getaway to Kansas City, and then St. Louis for Saturday night. When I signed up for the event, I had big plans on breaking 5 hours, but the training has slowed down a bunch, so now I'm just looking forward to run. If I break 5 hours, that'd be great, too.

March 27 - Trailbreaker Marathon. This will be my third running of the Trailbreaker, assuming it actually takes place this year (no website that I can find as of yet). It's just a unique and fun event, and the time of year fits well with my training, too!

April 17 - Navarino Eco-Marathon. This event, which used to be a 15k, is actually pretty close to home for me, and the fact it's a TRAIL MARATHON has me excited for it! I'm hoping to run well at this event...but what is "well" in a trail marathon? Right now, I'd say 3:10 would be a pretty lofty goal.

May 29 - Possible Elkhart Lake Marathon? I've heard about a marathon in my backyard, but I'm not sure of the logistics yet, so we'll see what happens. Oh yeah, I'll also have a 1 or 2 week old baby at this point too :)

Moving on the fall, I'm DEFINITELY running the Glacial Trail 50K (or 50 mile). The North Face moved up their event, from late October to Middle September, and also expanded the event and distances to TWO days worth, so this one is definitely on my list as great training opportunity for Glacial Trail. I've always got The Fall 50 floating around in my head too. Ellie wants to run the Fall 50 with me and our baby--perhaps pushing the baby in a stroller the entire way.

Sounds like a blast! We'll have to work on the diaper-changing pitstops, though. And I'm not sure how Ellie will handle the nursing along route :)


Jess said...

I must be really behind on your blog -- congrats on the baby! Very exciting.

And yeah, you haven't even known busy until you've had a baby ;)

Xenia said...

Sounds like a great year ahead for you and Ellie!

Btw, I just looked at your About Me section. Did you really run a 5:15 marathon? When was this? Did you get brutalized by baby cows in the middle of the race or something?

SteveQ said...

Here's a new wrinkle to the schedule: rumor has it that Chippewa's back on!

Ace said...

50 miles with a baby stroller? Awesome! If its too far for your new kid, you can just push me!

Rachel said...

How exciting!! 50 miles pushing a stroller sounds like quite a challenge though.

Nitmos said...

What, no opportunity to express love for G. in this post? Dude, take some time to do the important things.

Sounds like you got a full plate for 2010! You've definitely bitten off more than I could chew. Good luck!

Kel said...

Chippewa has been revived and will take place April 10 if you're still interested. You may even have the trail to yourself since most of the folks I know have already committed to alternative plans!