08 November 2009

Ice Age Trail - Northern Kettles

Well, this weekend I wanted to run the entire Ice Age Trail in the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest. It would be little over 31 miles, and I was excited to try...considering I had tried two other times and not made it end to end. Different attempt, same story.
I simply didn't feel like running anymore. I didn't feel like taking in any Gu. Or Shot Bloks. Or even water, for that matter. The weather was amazing and the trail was just absolutely gorgeous, but I simply didn't want to run anymore. I ended up running from the North end of the forest to Mauthe Lake, for a total of 23 miles. I felt decent afterwards and enjoyed the time on the trail. After the run, I thought about trying again in a couple weeks, after deer hunting season. Maybe I will...and then again...maybe not. My last three weekends have included runs of 31, 17, and 23 miles, all on trails, and it wouldn't hurt to chill a bit and focus on my next long run being my annual "Birthday Run" in late December (29 miles this year!). After a calendar year of 7 events 26 miles or longer, it probably may actually be a bit intelligent to relax and not run for a bit.
The fact I had to pick an engorged tick off of Parsenn from my last trail run with him is going to keep him on the shelf for a while too. I. HATE. TICKS.
This site may dry up a bit presently also, then. We'll see. I've read some great blogs on off season planning and preparations and may share some thoughts, but then again...maybe not.
Ellie's belly is starting to show a bit as she enters Trimester 2 this week, and the baby inside (now the size of a peach!) has us playing a fun game on ssa.gov, going back to the most popular baby names in 1880 and seeing if any catch our attention. Still haven't seen "Glaven" show up anywhere. Nicholas came in at #17 in 1980.
So anyway, I've rambled long enough. Get off the roads. Go find a trail and run on it! And I'll talk to you soon!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...



What kinda fair weather wingnut are you? Pffttt! Next thing you know, when Ellie goes into labor, you'll be driving her to the hospital on federally-funded roads (aka "Kenyan Death Passages")!

"Glaven" is THE most popular name from 1880. In my country of origin, it just means "John".

Now all's you need to do is figure out where we Heisenbergs came from.

(Hint: No - it's not Kenya.

(Or are it?)

How much longer you gonna keep that obscenity as your title picture, Dr. I-Ran-Only-23-Miles-Like-a-Quitter?

nwgdc said...

It was going to come down today. But now that you've mentioned it, it can stay.

SteveQ said...

For names, I keep thinking: wasn't the neighbor on "Full House" Kimmy Geibler?

nwgdc said...

Yeah, Kimmy isn't on the list :)

Carolina John said...

23 miles? weak. I covered 70.3 this weekend. well, ok, there was some swim and bike in there. still. you better get that whole course down before the baby comes.

you're right, i've got to get out on some trails.

B. Kramer said...

You hate ticks? Odd, I hate the Yankees. Boo on your new header.

joyRuN said...

I HAD a comment planned, but then I saw your header.

What. The. Hell.

Helen said...

And there was me running 32 just to go that bit further... I shoulda known :)

I'll join you in the spring if you're making another attempt - i've made a vow to run no longer than 12 milers on roads.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Can't say I really blame M'sey for walking off stage. That was a pretty punk-@$$ thing to do. Even though the vid clearly shows it was a plastic bottle (it bounced off his big ol' Mick head, after all) and he wasn't hurt, why they hell should he have to put up with that?

Plus, assuming it really was full of beer, as the article claims, that's a f*cking sinful waste of good beer - even if it wasn't, strictly speaking, a good beer.

Morrissey is still a p*ssy though. This hasn't changed my position on that burning issue o' the day.

So enough already! Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down That Yankees Insignia! Don't make me boycott your blog!