31 October 2009

Ice Age Trail - Devils Lake

A nutrition seminar took me to Madison for the weekend. Because the seminar didn't start until 1 pm, I was looking for spots to run on Saturday morning, and settled on a trip to Devils Lake. Local trail runners, PUT IT ON YOUR LIST! IT'S THE HOME OF AMAZING TRAILS! A simple search of "Devils Lake" will return some wonderful pictures of the area, and I also occasionally took out the iPhone to grab some shots of the trails I spent a little under 3 hours touring on Saturday morning (I thought it would only be around 2 hours, but my math was WAY off).
Next July, consider the Dances With Dirt trail races. While I realize I'll have a 2 month old at that point, I'm going to try my best to be there. The trails are the best I've ever run...although traversing some of the rocks and bluffs during a morning of snow and rain was very dangerous.
I parked at Parfrey's Glen, then ran a road for about 3 miles and picked up the Ice Age Trail, which I followed back to my car.

This is a view from the West Bluff back to the East Bluff. I ascended and descended both while following the IAT around the lake.
That sign reads "Follow Trail" with an arrow. By "trail," they mean a bunch of sorta-flat rocks that lead down the bluff.
A picture from the top of the East Bluff, to the South of the lake. The fall colors are long gone, but still, it stopped me in my tracks.
A view from the East Bluff to the West Bluff. The bluff-top portion of the trails are blacktopped, but still pretty much single track. I'd prefer dirt :)

I parked about 3 miles East of the park and ran the IAT into (and up up up) the Devils Lake portion. This is a view from the approach.

As usual, pictures don't do it justice. You'll have to take my word for it, though...it's worth the trip!


SteveQ said...


SteveQ said...

More later.

Jess said...

Glad you had such a great run! It looks like a beautiful spot!

GeorgiaSnail said...

Great photo's!

SteveQ said...

Guess I've got nothing to say for once, except to suggest baby names: Condoleezza Hillary for a girl, Farrakhan Biden for a boy.

footfeathers said...

Nice run! Funny, I was just staring at the ad in ultrarunning for the dances with dirt series next year.

Runner Tammy said...

What a beautiful course (well except the huge boulder field). Guess my sissy running legs will not be going there; however, my super strong hiker legs might:-)

Brad Poppele said...

Sounds like fun. I might have to go and check it out. Good call on the Yankees in 6.

SteveQ said...

I just checked the "F U, Penguin" blog - it has 8103 followers!

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