19 October 2009

Run Week

Finally, I get to run in an event again. On trails. For several hours. I can't wait!

After two bad-taste-in-my-mouth finishes in Fox Cities and Twin Cities, I'm really looking forward to the unpredictability and spontaneity of the trails. Last week was the busiest week yet at the office and this week is mildly crazy as well, so come Friday, it's time for therapy :)

Weather is looking not so good to bad at this point, but we'll see.

Oh yeah...big news coming to this site at some point this week...


Carolina John said...

at least you got to hit the trails. I just picked up some trail running shoes and can't wait to get in some trail runs at the new stomping grounds.

joyRuN said...

What's the big news? Did you find Glaven? You have him tied up in your basement, don't you?

Ace said...

Crazy weather means even more fun right? Rock on.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

"Non-friction" section?

Did you write that joke in the Non-Humor section of Teh Library?

Thanks for the links to your local weather because I couldn't begin to tell you how many craps I give about the weather there in Soviet Kiel. I didn't click on those links, but I assume they also prove that Al Gore is a shill for Big Global Warming (which itself - pfffttt! - is an obvious myth) and they also prove that if you bring your Grandma in to one of the Cash-for-Clunkers offices to get money for that 20-year-old Bonneville she drives (two years newer than yours, I hear), they'll immediately reveal it was a ruse and they'll kill her right then and there because they're not a Cash-for-Clunkers panel ... THEY'RE ACTUALLY A DEATH PANEL!1!

(This would be a GREAT M. Night Shyamalan movie except _DAMMIT! - SPOILER ALERT!1! I just gave away the ending.)

Bonus proof those all-purpose links probably provide: that wingnut standards of "proof" are very low indeed.

Go Phillies!

SteveQ said...

We waited for Glaven... for that?

Marcy said...

SWEET BABY J!!!!!!! I thought you were only playin when you made the babes commentary! (Yes I know, I'm THAT slow LOL) CONGRATS!! Are you really sure you want to be a part of the "club"?!? It totally sucks. The whining, the hrs, the tantrums, the butt wiping, etc . . . :P Nah only playin. Someone once told (before I ever had kids) me "you never truly know what love is until you have a child" and seriously it's true. Awwhhhh I'm so happy for you guys! ;D ;D Now just don't try and screw the kid up :P