13 October 2009

My favorite time of year

I absolutely love this time of year. The last couple days I've made my way back to a couple trails that were completely overgrown in weeds since June. I love feeling the crisp ground and crunchy leaves in the morning "dawn patrol" runs out in the woods, watching Parsenn chase a bunch of Whitetails and wondering what exactly he'd ever do upon catching one.
The only downside is that the days are getting shorter and shorter, leaving me very little time before and after work to get out to the trails. Combine that with the fact one of the county parks gets locked up at "sunset" and I also risk having my car impounded.
Along with the gloves and stocking hat, I guess it's time to break out the headlamp as well.
After the trial run last weekend, my calves were yelling at me a bit, but have really responded well to the easy running I've been doing on the trails, and I'm really getting anxious for North Face. The most recent entry list has a couple names I recognize as SUPER FAST and PART-CHEETAH (in the 50 mile), so it'll be a fun event! Considering the 50 miler starts 2 hours before the 50K, perhaps a new goal of mine will be to get to the finish line before the 50 Mile winner does?


Ace said...

My race predictions:

50k - 1st NWGDC
50 miler - 1st TParr


Rock and roll!

SteveQ said...

Ooh, if I signed up, I'd only have to beat Kevin Setnes for my age class! Guess I'll have to claim I'm injured instead.

Oz Runner said...

agreed...this time of year is awesome for running...