14 June 2009

Grandma's Post 1: Frank

What a story!

Although, once again, I'm amazed at the impression that running can be bad for you because of the "incessant pounding, the stress on the cardiovascular system and, of course, the pain." Perhaps if people stayed healthier in their younger years through the application of some stressors to their cardiovascular system instead of simply waiting until the inevitable MD visit where they're told their cholesterol is too high and they need some drug ending in "-tor," perhaps then, the "stress on the cardio-vascular system" wouldn't be such a bad thing!

And why is the media director of RUNNING USA being quoted with the "incessant pounding" garbage? As I've pointed out before, the evidence is becoming more and more overwhelming that running is NOT BAD for your knees, and may even be GOOD for them! Ugh! If I had hippie-like hair like Glaven used to, I'd be pulling it out at the moment.

But back to Mr. Frank Ruebl (from the article):
Ruebl ran his first marathon when he was 59 - a double loop that started at Mayfair Mall. He's run Grandma's, Lakefront, Paavo Nurmi in Hurley, and Boston. He qualified for Boston in his early 60s by running Grandma's in 3 hours and 23 minutes - a 7:44 pace.
He is attracted to the solitude and the challenge each spring of ramping up the mileage after spending the winter on his well-worn exercise bike.
To augment the running and stationary cycling, the 5-foot-6, 130-pound Ruebl lifts 10-pound weights - dozens of times - and walks up and down his basement steps until he's tired.
He also bought a new puppy, another black lab, and named her Smokey. Same as the old dog.
After he runs on his favorite route, Whitnall Park, Ruebl occasionally will drink a beer in the parking lot. "If there is a little sunshine, that's a pretty nice day," he said.

That's what it's all about!


Marcy said...

What the hell is this?!?!?! I come here looking for some "oh sweet baby J that's hot" Dr Nic photos and I get some old wrinkly NS (ns short for G's fav word) dude. Barf. Page me when you get to the good stuff LOL JK!

Get Primal said...

Dude, shoot me an email with your cell so we can hook up Friday to discuss how you're going to drop my ass at about 15 miles Saturday.

Get Primal said...

Might help if you had my email...harmer_adam@yahoo.com

NoMeatAthlete said...

Nice to hear something positive about running! I think so many people who don't run love to perpetuate the stories about how bad it is because it makes them feel better about sitting on their butts or choosing golf as their sport.

Ace said...

I love this stuff. There is so much misconception about running. Plus I need the continued "If the 90 yr old dude going through that kind of loss can get out and run...so can you..." mantra. Love it.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Oooooo, spank me, Teh Marcy! It hurts SOOOOOO good!

I bet most of you can't hear the love - indeed, the yearning desire - behind Marcy's seemingly harsh words. But I can.

And it does this wrinkly old n*ts@ck a world of good. O, yeah. She WANTS me.

Way to cherry pick the one negative statement in an otherwise pretty positive-with-regard-to-running story, there Dr. Nic. But this is just media 101: They have to give "both sides", no matter how bogus the "other side's" view might be.

That's just typical.(And there are NEVER more than two sides. That, too, is a given.)

Say Hi to this Ruebl guy at Grandma's. Buy him a beer, ya cheap-@$$ b@st@rd!

nwgdc said...

It would be an honor, Glaven!
I'll tell Frank you challenge him to a race too.

Carolina John said...

yea i don't understand the negative perceptions of running either. it's usually by people who are doing it wrong. or who need an excuse to stop/not do it at all.

Nitmos said...

My knees hurt just listening to that old dude.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey, wait! I just realized ... could it be? ... quite possibly ... that Teh Marcy wasn't referring to me when she complained about the picture of "some old wrinkly NS ... dude"?

I'm thinking it's possible now!

Viper said...

That's a good closing quote. I hope to have many good days before I'm through. Cheers!

Helen said...

Great story - what a guy. yeah that rubbish about running/knees etc... whatever! See you at the startline! I'm going to line up with the 3:15 pace group so look for me as you're passing by to get to the 2:.. group!

SteveQ said...

What I get out of the article is: "30 minutes a day", "100 meter sprint". That sounds like a 90 year old's training.

Anonymous said...

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