13 June 2009

Final Tune Up

I decided to run a local 5 mile race this morning, and ended up running a 10K also!
This morning I ran the Walleye Run 5 Miler in nearby Fond du Lac and, despite running an opening 6:07 mile (so much for a negative split), I finished in a couple ticks under 32 minutes, just behind the female winner, and far behind a guy pushing two kids in a stroller and another guy who happened to be 67 years old. The stroller guy kicked my @ss but the 67 year old was getting announced as I finished, so he barely beat me. If I had known it was that close, I woulda thrown an elbow or two and avoided being chicked, old-duded, and strollered.
On the way home I stopped in Elkhart Lake, where the Olympic Triathlon was underway. I picked up a good friend of mine who was using this event as a final workout before going to France for an Ironman over there. He also biked 40 miles to the event and was going to bike home too. He wanted to run a sub-50 minute 10k, so I joined him and we ended up finishing in 49 and change. He also mentioned that the Tour de France (not to be confused with The Tour de Franzia, which is more my thing)has a time trial two days after his Ironman. He'll be in attendance. I hear some guy is racing le Tour again this year. Could be cool. What a vacation!
That triathlon is a great event, and when you factor in the fact I knew 20-30 people running with us, it has my interest for next year...but for now, it's full-on TAPER TIME! Bring it, Gramma!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hey! Guess what? I ran a 4-mile race today and it took me just under 34 minutes!

And that's why you suck, Dr. Nic! Because you should be beating a 49-year-old by more than two minutes - even if you ARE running a little (one mile) farther than him.

And I mean any 49-year-old.

But in this case, I mean me.

Jess said...

Nice job on both runs!

Matthew Patten said...

Don't go to the dark side of triathlons.

It will cost you a fortune in bike equipment you don't need, as well as tons of skin tight jerseys.

Although, you probably already have the "flexing you muscles all of the time" routine down.

You let a stroller beat you?

SteveQ said...

I stopped categorizing the competition (old, female, etc.) in my first marathon. I was beaten by a guy with a tracheotomy.

If they beat you, they beat you. More power to 'em.