15 May 2009

So, what's next?

  • I actually have some time off until my next marathon. From late March to present I was running an event about every other weekend (13.1, 26.2, 50K, 26.2), but now I'm off until Grandma's in June. I'm not sure what to do with myself!
  • My goals for Grandma's are pretty simple: Sub 3. But how far under can I get? Perhaps a SteveQ-like drop in my PR to 2:46? (JOKE) That's what the next couple weeks are for--speed work! I have ZERO desire to do a long run (anything over 12 miles) on roads currently. When it comes to nice long runs, give me the trails, but the shorter intervals can be managed on the roads, and I guess we'll see what kind of pace I'm capable of and have a better idea about Grandma's after that.
  • After June 20th I can really focus on the trails again in preps for the fall, when I hope to run very well at the North Face 50K. The Ice Age Trail around here gets incredibly overgrown and clouded over with bugs (thankfully, very few ticks, though) so that will be a challenge from July to September. Still, the trails are so much better than the sidewalks...I can't wait!
  • Yesterday I took a spin on the new road bike for my longest ride yet--18 miles--and loved the transition of run to bike. Only one problem: it seems I've developed a metal "tapping" or clicking every time my left pedal is at the bottom of the rotation. Very, Very annoying. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Considering I know as much about mechanics of a bike as Glaven knows about tact regarding photoshop, consider me a blank canvas for suggestions.
  • Speaking of which, Ellie loves to hide behind doors at our office, and then jump out and scare me. I fall for it way too often. It was only a mild annoyance, until yesterday, when she started a meatpunch/bag tag to the act. Note to self: no more pics of Ellie without approval.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

as Glaven knows about tact regarding photoshop ...

Wow. I deliberatly didn't put a p*nis on there (only a n*ts@ck) to spare you and your delicate sensibilities, and this is the thanks I get?

O, wait. Yes I did put a d*ck there! I just made it actual size, true-to-life, so it's nearly impossible to see!

My only regret about it NOW is that I didn't make the n*ts@ck even smaller and more hairless.

Yay Ellie! Keep the bag-tags coming! Because I don't think Nic has really learned his lesson yet.

The Laminator said...

Hey...that's not fair. You're gonna sub-3 in June while I have to wait 'til November for my chance...Haha!

Well you know whatever you get, I'm copying you exactly so you better get on that speedwork and run well. Just FYI...

Jess said...

A month isn't too much downtime; I'm sure you'll be able to fill it just fine. And it sounds like part of that time will be spent icing your nuts after those surprise wife-attacks.

SteveQ said...

5 weeks to go: at most two long runs, no race over 10 miles, work on feeling fast and strong and... wear a cup (oof, those punches!)

Matthew Patten said...

I used to be a "professional" bike mechanic.

Your tapping is either
* bad bearings in your pedal
* bad bearings in your bottom bracket
* something loose in your pedal assembly
* something loose in your cleats (assuming you are using clipless)
* the sound of your bra hitting your heart rate monitor strap

C said...

Your wife is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My name is Eric Sherman. I am on the staff of the Ice Age Trail Alliance (formerly Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation).

I'm glad to hear you enjoy running on the Ice Age Trail, but disappointed that you have found overgrown conditions. If you find the Trail in rough shape again in the future, I would urge you to give me a call (608-798-4453 or 800-227-0046) or send me an email (eric@iceagetrail.org) so that I can report the problem to the local volunteer chapter coordinator.

Speaking of volunteering, the Ice Age Trail is built and maintained almost exclusively by volunteers. If you'd ever like to get involved, give me a call or visit our website, www.iceagetrail.org.


Kind regards,

Eric Sherman

(PS -- We subscribe to a Google service that notifies us when "Ice Age Trail" is mentioned online, which is how your blog came to my attention.)

Carolina John said...

good job getting on the bike. i've been fighting my bike time lately.

and lol at ellie for meat punching you after scaring you from behind a door. that's too funny.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Hahahaha! Big Brother Ice Age Trails is Tracking Yer @$$, Doctor Nic!

Hope they bag-tag you for bad-mouthing them! So sherrup already with yer belly-aching and volunteer if you want things to be better!

You're not so tough when Teh Marcy's not around defending you and fighting your fights for you.

Now she's tough.

Nitmos said...

Based on the Ice Age Trail stalker, I've now begun entering Will Accept Cash and Gifts repeatedly on my blog just in case.

Enjoy that speed work. Sub 3, here you come.

nwgdc said...

For the record, I signed up for trail building/volunteering in the LaBudde Creek area when the work day was announced!