22 March 2009

Strictly Running-Related Information.

Not even any links to Glaven's site. Oh, never mind. Not even any rips on Glaven (but I did find one for Viper).

Wednesday was 10 at 7:26 pace, AvgHR of 164.

On Thursdays I'm trying to run a bit longer, so I've been aiming for "Thursday Thurteens." This week it was actually almost 15, but the run really sucked. It seemed pretty windy outside (12-15 mph), so I started out running into it. This resulted in my pace slowing, and my body getting a little chilled. Finally, after reaching the turnaround point, I had the wind at my back. Unfortunately, this resulted in my getting really warm, running out of water, and feeling like just walking back home. Yeck. 15 miles, 7:54 pace, AvgHR of 164.

After feeling crappy the rest of Thursday, I took Friday off and got back at it Saturday morning with an hour of yoga with Ellie (I am terribly inflexible in the hips so this was fantastic), and then in the afternoon I ran from our home in Kiel to Ellie's parents' home in Plymouth. Again, I felt crappy most of the run, but actually ran better than I thought I would. 15 miles, 7:29 pace, 154 AvgHR.

Finally, today I took my new bike out for a test ride. I covered 9 miles and definitely need to get it fitted properly. Despite the low seat and odd handlebar position (I was most comfortable in the complete tuck position), I managed a 14 mph ride and really felt it in the legs. Now that I own a bike, I've really been working my mind for a good way to work in a joke about Glaven's recumbent bike, but I'm drawing a blank. Then again, after his afternoon binge, perhaps he could use the break.

Having some work at the office still littering my desk from Friday, I decided to get it done today. There's nothing like walking in to a clean desk on Monday morning. 2 miles to the office in 13:18, 2 miles back in 13:42. I was pleasantly surprised with that pace. Still though, what happened to my speed? Yikes!

Now, it's on to beer. I need to be sure to train properly for the Chippewa Duathlon. First, the run, and then the second half of the Duathlon...the beer drinking.

This week I managed 47 miles and am feeling it in the legs. Next Saturday I'm signed up for a Half-Marathon and would like to go into that run with about 30 miles on my legs. I'm excited to see how I run at it.

In other news, both Marquette and Bucky got eliminated from the Tournament. Louisville and Pitt are still alive, so my Bracket is still relatively intact. And despite Bucky losing, at least they made it further than the Suckeyes.


Rachel said...

Sounds like you got some solid running and biking in this week. Good job!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wait. Where's the promised Viper rip?

"Suckeyes"? Was that it? Really? Why didn't you first get in your time machine and travel back to 1985 when he was in first grade when that taunt might have had some effect?

So there's one reason to hate your guts but there are better ones in this post alone.

I f*cking hate anyone who considers 15 miles at a 7:54 pace to be a sucky run.

Nic, Nic in yer face!
15 miles at such a pace?

You call yourself "runner"?
You're a poseur, an actor!
And most likely a Hun or
A lowly chiropractor!

Nic, Nic, I salaute you
With one finger - not with two.

chia said...

I love Glaven. He says all the things I backspace over prior to typing how much I envy your mad skills.



Vava said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and the endorsement of the whole Chi Running thing. It's really nice to hear from someone who used this book to alter their technique to a point that allows for injury free running! And at your pace to boot!

Anyway, I hope that I can learn how to run more efficiently to save my wonky legs from all the pounding. I actually thought I was doing pretty well as far as form goes, but this calf injury (and looking back on it, all the others) has finally convinced me that a change is in order if I am ever to run for long periods of time without injury induced pain. I don't mind the training and exhaustion type pain, but injury I can certainly do without!


SteveQ said...

Wow, your "sucky" runs look pretty good to me! My brackets went bust when I picked NDSU to take it all (no money in my pool, so why bother with reality?)