26 March 2009

MidWeek RunDown

I just finished my scheduled Thursday Thurteen and it went well! I'm currently rehydrating with Orange Slices, youth soccer style. They're not being chased by Capri Sun, however. In my preparations for the Chippewa 50K, I'm using the race-sponsored post-race refreshment.

My total thus far for the week is 29 miles, all at a good pace, so things are looking up heading into the weekend. Finally, some decent miles...

Up next is the Dick Lytie Spring Classic this Saturday. Last year I ran a 1:28 on a short course due to weather. This year...well, last time I checked, snow was in the forecast. I'm hoping I'll have a running partner up there again, whether it be Roy or Jerry, but we'll see!


Xenia said...

I love your new comment counter description. :)

Capri Sun, huh? I was more a Hawaiian Punch and Tang girl back in the day. Ah, the sugar rushes I used to have...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Xenia goes for 'tang? I thought she had a boyfriend? Maybe she's just polymorphously perverse. I won't judge.

Except you, Nic. I never stop judging you, and you always come up short.

Why not hydrate like a man - with beer?

Or like a lesbian, with 'tang?

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

HAHAHA!! No, I shouldn't talk to Ellie!

You should talk to Xenia!

Plus: She's pneumatic! Win-win!

Xenia said...

Goddamn it, GQH, it's Tang, not 'tang. Mind out of the gutter, man!

And why am I pneumatic again?