06 December 2008

Additional Stray Bullets

  • Because, once again I have about 12 topics in my head and have absolutely no desire to make this a coherent post, and I've been positively reinforced by none other than RazZDoodle in the comment section, I've decided to fire away and continue with the stray bullet format. (By the way, RazZDoodle's blog, ROATM, is fantastic. I highly recommend this post for my loyal readership [that means you, mom]. 97% of that recommendation comes from the fact that the post rips on Rosie O' Donnell, whom I absolutely can not handle for more than 2.7 seconds. Yes, I've tried to last an entire 3 seconds but, sadly, can't.)

    Now that I look back on that last parenthetical comment about ROATM, I think that should have been my first bullet. Alas...
  • (<--- stray bullet)
  • RazZDoodle's blog, ROATM, is fantastic. I highly recommend this post for my loyal readership [that means you, mom]. 97% of that recommendation comes from the fact the post rips on Rosie O' Donnell, whom I absolutely can not handle for more than 2.7 seconds. Yes, I've tried to last an entire 3 seconds but, sadly, can't.
  • I want to return to Grandma's this year. After watching Ellie last year, I think I'm adding the Duluth event to my "I really want to run these events" list. I will then be submitting it for approval with Ellie. Perhaps she's interested in another marathon? It's a great event, with a point-to-point course (I love those, despite the fact I've decided to run an indoor marathon next month...which is more of a point-to-point-and-then-repeat-approximately-94-times course). And the late June event leaves plenty of time to get some good road miles in as the snow clears here in Wisconsin. As for Grandma's, now I need to get going on finding a place to stay (huuuge hassle) and deciding if it's a course that would surrender a sub 3 marathon...
  • I shaved my beard this morning (Thursday). I had started growing it this past fall, just before my 1 Month 100 Miles fundraiser started. I ran my 50 miler to end the campaign at the end of October, and then was asked if I would continue with a "No Shave No Vember." Clever idea, I thought, so I just kept the beerd going. Ellie "grew" to love the beerd and was not happy when I returned home from a couple meetings this morning (she was in bed when I left) and realized the facial hair was gone. She immediately told me I was missing something, looked at me like I was an imposter of her husband, and then called me, and I quote, "weird-looking." It was kind of weird to not have the facial hair this morning, and I'll be the first to admit I didn't mind having the beerd. I let Ellie know that my beerd [spelling intentional] grows on specific nutrients and that I would consider another "No Shave New Year's" if certain items began appearing in our fridge. Ellie returned home tonight with a surprise for me...and some animosity. When I saw the gift...I thanked her, and she responded by saying, "Yeah...I want a beerd, @$$hole. And I don't mean @$$hole in a mean way...just in a 'Do What I Say' way." Charming, isn't she?
    (missing bullet) My teef are still not right from the procedure. Ah well, no worries, I've starting taking Viper's advice (RIP to him) and I've been able to stay anti-microbial through a steady diet of fermented beverages. Considering Ellie wants a beerd now and is willing to subsidize the growing of said beerd, I should be fine. I did stumble upon some pictures of me icing my face (RIP to my beerd), and Parsenn helping me heal by standing on top of me. I love that dog.

For clarification due to the resident Librarian's unattainable journalling etiquitte demands, I started this post on Thursday night. As I finish this part of the post (it's still Thursday night, but I need to stop writing because The Office is about to start and I need to un cap one of those Leinie's Nut Browns) I'm really not sure when I will post. Because of this, I will end this post with a Heisenberg-esque dashed line:


Well, now it's Saturday evening...and what a great day! Ellie and I were up early and off to attend yoga (her) and try out CC skiing (me) which I had never done. I absolutely loved it, although I'll be the first to admit my technique was lacking. To get an idea, think of the running form of Nitmos, and then extend his already gawky long legs with skis and extend his flailing arms with ski poles. Add CC skis and boots to my Christmas list...someplace immediately after a Garmin 405, but before a Leg Lamp. After some hot apple cider, I met another friend and snowshoed 4 miles of the Ice Age Trail. Again, absolutely lovely.

Just spending some time outside like I did this morning has invigorated my aspirations for training and exercising...something I was in dire need of. As of today, the events I'm training for this spring include this, this (maybe), this, and this. It's gonna be fun!


Adam said...

Wish I could grow a beard. At almost 39 yrs old I'm doubtful the thin areas will ever grow in.

Looks like you and I get to battle twice this spring! Have a feeling by next spring you'll be crushing me. Will be fun either way, looking forward to it. Staying at the dorms in Duluth is always a final option and isn't bad at all.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Much to respond to here, brother, but I'll attempt to do so without crashing your server with wuuurrrrrdzzz.

Not only did this post show up timed correctly, your word verification graphic displayed first time: "capot", which I think means "French Cap" which we in America now call a "Freedom Cap".

Did you perform some sort of chiropractic voodoo on your blog's chakras?

Love the concept of a beerd. To work with Teh 'Bride, though, I'd have to introduce the concept of the "anti-beerd", since she hates facial hair. And get THIS: It's because she thinks THIS FACE is handsome!

Ah likes my wimmins purdy and legally blind!

Brown ale - what a coinky-dink! I brewed up a stout yesterday, but I also have the ingredients for a brown ale which I intend to brew up today. So in a mere 2-3 months, I too will be drinking a fine brown ale hooch! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!1?!!1?

Sorry if that weird coincidence freaked you out.

Good luck on your upcoming races. I ran a 5k yesterday, on grass, and it nearly did me in. I have nothing scheduled, but I usually decide what to run last minute anyway.

Nice pix of the dog. Morgan, our dog, also likes to stand astride me to show me who's the b*tch in our relationship.

I have to look at RazZ's Rosie O. post (Shhh! Teh 'Bride LURVES Rosie!) I thought his (i.e., RazZ's; because "his" could also mean "Rosie's") "I'm All Man" post was hilarious! More hilarious: The fact that no other men would back him up.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

I heart cross-country skiing! If anything, it makes you extra super excited when it snows!

I ran Grandma's. I wish it hadn't been so dang hot! Gees, I go to Duluth for mild weather!

And I think my brain would explode if I had to run an indoor marathon...

Jess said...

Dogs help out in funny ways.

Ian said...

Quick, someone alert NWGDC that RazZDoodle broke into his blogger account and is writing posts!

The Laminator said...

Dude, I love that you are so

I need to find a marathon that will surrender a sub-3 next year as well. Any suggestions?

The Bear Cub Bakery said...


Ouchies. Hey -- at least it's not on a treadmill. ;)

David said...

A indoor marathon sounds odd. I could imagine it would have a confining feel to it. If you do it I'll be interested in your thoughts.

Nitmos said...

My gawky long legs just mean less steps than others to get to where I'm going. At least, that's how my mother comforts me.

An indoor marathon is beyond comprehension. No thanks.

B. Kramer said...

This suggestion is probably too late (re: your comment), but I would drink cognac. Warms the cockles. Enjoy your trail run.

Bill Carter said...

Hi Nic

What a post! I love the stream of consciousness, but what I find intriguing is Grandma's. I am seriously thinking of doing it myself. I believe the signup starts 1/15 and I know it fills really fast.