17 November 2008

Picture Me Rollin' (my ankle)

I might as well call this site "Running, Wonky Ankle and All."

At start (the Southern trailhead), with my backpack (with Camelbak inside) and water bottle ready to go. This happens to be the only picture I was able to recover. I hate technology!

I had grand plans for this past Saturday. I wanted to run the entire length of the Ice Age Trail in the Northern Kettle Moraine forest. Click here to follow the yellow trail along a map. I wanted to take pictures along the way and enjoy a morning in the woods (not to be confused with something else, which I KNOW came to mind for some of you). Things didn't go exactly as planned after rolling my ankle big time at the 22 mile mark (It's a total of 31 miles to get from one end of the forest to another).

This trail is difficult in the best of conditions as it's covered in rocks and roots and hills. But when you cover all of that with all the fallen leaves and then sprinkle on about an inch of rain, and...well, what the h*!! was I thinking?

I took a lot of great pictures, too. Unfortunately, I can't download them. I really have no idea why, but you can add that insult (no pictures) to the injury (effed-up ankle--and yes, thats the actual diagnosis).

I've now tried to complete this run 3 times. Once I crashed and burned after only having a single water bottle and 2 gels with me. The second time I had Lyme Disease. And now this. I probably won't try it again this year, considering that Gun Deer Season starts this Saturday, but I promise that I WILL DO IT!

On the bright side, though, I did have a great weekend outside of the bad ending to the run. On Friday night Ellie's co-workers had a party, and I got to absolutely bring the house downembarrass myself at Guitar Hero:

Here's Ellie Jamming out with Phil, a co-worker. As you can tell by the look on my face, I'm mesmerized by her skillz:
Guitar Hero

Here I am pulling off a killer move. I don't think the game commonly known as "Guitar Hero" will ever be the same:


Next is me completely embarrassing myself. Items of interest in this video include (A) my attempt at doing a jump-kick to the rhythm of the song and actually performing some sort of spastic lower-half-of-my-body convulsion, which I really have no way of explaining or defending (feel free to tell me what you think it looks like in the comment section), and (B) Phil trying to perform a leg kick also and falling backwards onto the couch.

The voice you hear is Ellie (having safely arrived in Margaritaville) yelling, "Do a leg kick, Phil!" It is of my opinion she knew exactly what she was doing, despite the adult beverages, and wanted to document both my complete inability to dance (I've been banned from wedding reception halls in 3 states) and Phil's inability to balance on one leg, for even one tenth of a second, not to mention the fact we did NOT achieve "Rock Star Status" on that song because of Phil missing at least 3 seconds of notes while bracing his fall to the couch.

All in all, fun times!


Marcy said...

Dude, why do I get lumped in with the pervs? :P

Take care of that ankle, and you just plain ole look like you've had one too many HAHA!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

O, man! I was convinced Marcy's Lion Penis post (yeah, Marcy! Why do you get lumped in with the perves?) was going to be the funniest thing I saw today, till I saw this video! thk gawd teknallagee never eated that 1! Phil stole your thunder by falling, because if he had managed to stay upright, you definitely would have won the Spastic Sweepstakes. Man, if that video don't go viral, there IS no justice in this Vale of Tears (of Laughter).

I am delightful to have seen it and I will now go and view it again!

Viper said...

Coincidentally, your botched sweet move might be called a "boner."

Nitmos said...

Sometimes I suffer "vicarious embarrassment". This was one of those times.

chia said...

Hey, happy healing on that limb of yours :-(. Waaaaay too precarious mate.

Love love love GH partays!!! Rock on brotha!

Vava said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle, but nevertheless you are most welcome to join the land of the wonky! By the looks of it your ankle seems to be well on the way to full recovery, or you are a super fast healer. (Or the video was taken prior to your injury...)

That 31 mile trail sounds like a great challenge indeed, and I will look forward to your pictures and report when you conquer this thing next year.


The Laminator said...

You could have fooled me with your ankle rolling story...C'mon after watching your video, you still expect us to believe that you actually didn't just wuss out on your run midway...

David said...

Psst: get a four wheeler to do this trail. Fo-get the running!

You were right to implicate Marcelina McG as that kind of perv. I didn't even see it, personally, but could see how she would. That's how she rollz.

So, what does a chiro do for a torqued up ankle? Just use your sailor language, or do you have some therapy technique?

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! That is a pretty killer move...

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