22 October 2008

2 Days

My check list has been completed...I think. See below. I’ve been to the grocery store, the running store, the chiropractor, and the massage therapist. All that’s left is to pack and unpack and repack my bags a couple more times. The current forecast calls for some rain, but that’s not a big deal to me after having run in a Tropical Storm last month (and mildly enjoyed it)!

Several requests have been made regarding my performance this weekend. Doug, my brother-in-law wants me to not run too hard so that I can drink more beer with him after we're done (he's running on a relay with Ellie). Nitmos would like me to throw up at some point because his favorite race reports always include vomit. (Funny, my favorite posts always include cramping. Needless to say I was disappointed in his last race report.) Ellie prefers I (a) not kill myself, (b) enjoy it, (c) but not enjoy it enough to ever want to do another ultra. My personal preferences are (not that they matter to any of you):

  1. Finish

  2. Finish in under 8:30

  3. NOT puke. (Sorry, Nit.)

  4. NOT need to use a porta-john when one isn’t available.

Here's what I've got packed to help me get through Saturday:
Warm Chicken Broth/Thermos
3 bottles
Bottle Strap
NB’s/Black Socks
Brooks/Thin Socks
New Glarus Spotted Cow
Leinenkugel’s Nut Brown
Body Glide/Band Aids
Change of Shorts/Shirt/Underwear
Gummy Bears
NF Jacket
Running Tights
Under Armour Top
Udder Cream
Mullet Wig (for post-race cheering)
Bag with change of clothes
Note Pad

In other news, after this announcement regarding yet another reason for Illinois residents to come to Wisconsin (apparently the town of Lake Geneva, the Cubs playing at Miller Park, Door County, and Wisconsin Dells isn’t enough), there are now 16 marathons in Wisconsin! Is there another state with that many marathons in a single year? Having run 5 of them (and planning on 3 different events next year), it’s a good problem for a guy like me to have. But what I’d love is for the marathons that share a weekend to split up—one Saturday, one Sunday. I think LaCrosse and Eau Claire would be perfect. Instead of battling over the same group of idiots runners in that part of the state, why not try to attract a special kind of idiot runner that would do them back to back? Maybe even give out a special medal for it? That could be kind of fun, right Ellie?

Pine Line
Lake Geneva
Green Bay
La Crosse
Eau Claire
Paavo Nurmi
Fox Cities
Blooming Idiot
Rails to Trails

I can’t say thanks enough for all the support! But I think this someecard says it all:

...and, if Nitmos gets his way...

...and with that, I'm off to Door County for a great time!


Viper said...

Since you took the time to comment via Blackberry, I'll take the time to wish you good luck at your race. I am happy to see that beer and Scotch made the check list. My simple request is that you finish all the booze you take. Run well and drink well. Cheers.

Vava said...

Wow! Have a great time on your run. I will be interested to read your report, even moreso now that I've finally read Ultramarathon Man, so you will be the second Ultramarathon Man I will be reading.

*aron* said...

good luck this weekend!!! cant wait to read how awesome you do!

Nitmos said...

Well, I look forward to this report and Good Luck. Judging by the pictures, no one will need to hold your hair back if you should vomit. Which should free them up to snap pictures of the vomiting.

Now, go kick some ass.

Anonymous said...

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