24 October 2008

Did you know there's a SALE at the Door County Outlet Mall this weekend!?!

Oh, and we're going to be there for the Fall 50 too, so hopefully we can squeeze BOTH in...kidding...ish ;)

SOOO, thank you all so much for thinking I'm funny(er then Nic)! It's really boosted my (already high) self confidence...so now, instead of running 26.2 miles at the Fall 50, I've decided to run 26. 9 (and the crowd gasps...), I'm pretty sure I can handle that last .7...

I'm So proud and excited for Nic--he's almost as nervous as he was the night of our first kiss...let me set the scene: 1998, we're both Jr's in High School and Nic had just finished a basketball game. I drive the two minutes to his house, blaring Alanis Morissette "Otta Know" to get my confidence up (even though we both know I'm the more "experienced" maker-outer). I arrive at Nic's house, and we head down to the basement. We awkwardly hug, and try to chat about the game. I apply (again) cherry lip-gloss (so classy) and nic pops a mentos...and we lean in..and BAM! we smash teeth...Nic is humiliated...I laugh...and I can't remember the rest...BUT we are still together now, so I guess it ended up alright!

Anyway, last night Nic was all fidgety as he packed, and repacked his bags. Not that I need to say this, but I did a much better job backing my 2 Vera bags (once) and I can garun-fricking-tee that he forgot something, and I, have not. However, I know Nic will REALLY do well, and I can't wait to see his face after he accomplishes this crazy thing he's got us all roped into.

My team "Human Debris" will, I'm SURE be much slower, much more relaxed and not 100% sure that we will finish in the allotted time, but we WILL be thinking and cheering for Nic all the way (its so demoralizing to think that he's going to run faster then my team...I mean, there are four of us...three of us are younger, two of us are much better looking, and I even shaved my legs...does that not count for anything!?!

In conclusion, I just want to reply to some of the comments from my first post:
Nic--I love you honey, you should know by now that with me, it's NEVER gonna be what you expect ;)

Helen--YAY, I did get two dresses; one is strapless black (kind of like the one Angelina wore at the Changling premier) and the other is an eggplant with Kimono sleets and a key-hole back, super cute.

MN ultra runner--DUH, the funny that Nic is, he gets from me

Steve--I can tell from your profile photo that you moisturize, and this leads me to believe that you would lose a fight to my very manly-bearded husband (who does not moisturize), SO bring it on Mr! Nic will fend you off to the death! (unless there's a run somewhere, then he'll fend you off until it starts, and then I guess, you'd win)

Marcy & Nitmos--believe me, I have a running total of what Nic spends on his addiction, and once he starts making some coin, I'm going to buy TWO boats and a dingy and a life-saver thingy with an obnoxious boat name on it... Like I've always said, I'm MUCH better at having money...it's so hard to be poor!

Happy Friday!!!


nwgdc said...

"A running total..."
Ha! Play on words!

I'm changing my password.

Jess said...

Sounds like you're ready to stop guest-blogging and start your own!

Grellan said...

Hope everything runs to plan this weekend & Nic, I hope the wind is blowing in the right direction if preferences 3 & 4 of your last post don't materialise.

Helen said...

Good luck to both of you! It should be a beautiful run up there.

nwgdc said...

I finished in 7:59!!
I can't wait ti tell you about it...