28 April 2008

Five running-related items I really want and could really use but am way too cheap to buy so instead I'll write a post about them.

1: New headphones. (Are they even called "headphones" anymore?) The ones I currently use make me look like this guy. And when you take into account they're attached to the minute iPod Shuffle, it's truly pathetic.
Price: ~$20

2: The ASSORTED box of Gu packets. I've now ordered two 24 pack boxes of Espresso Love. Not only can I not choke down the final unopened packet, I can't even drink coffee anymore!
Price of Espresso Love Box: ~$20
Price of Assorted Box: ~$25

3: A watch that actually works. I think this is really the worst of all the list. For training I currently use a Coleman brand watch. Yes, this Coleman brand:

Because nothing says "We know marathon running" like a light that attracts and kills 17 insects per minute. My watch has an 8-lap memory, too. Which is great...except for the fact you can only view your time as the individual laps (and then try to add them together for the total time) or the cumulative time (and then try to subtract them apart for your splits). I know 26.2 miles. Other than that, I was told there would be no math.
Price of a new watch: ~$50

4: More Bodyglide. I'm still scraping the remnants out of a tube I bought at the Chicago Marathon in '06. I'll save you the details, but lets just say my nips actually detach themselves from my body, pick up signs that read "Hell NO! We won't go!" and protest against me anytime I plan on running more than 5 miles. Wisconsin Spring, meet Cotton layering. Flame, meet lighter fluid.
In searching for an accurate price for a stick of Bodyglide, I actually found out that a bike shop .8 MILES from my house sells the stuff. I drive by said bike shop at least twice daily.

5: nuun Hydration Tablets. I'm to the point at the moment where I've drank so much yellow Gatorade that the taste of it only makes me MORE thirsty...for water. (Ellie reached that point several months ago)
I've been reading about nuun for a while, and am very interested in trying it. I'm a sucker for stuff you can dissolve in water. I enjoy Airborne, Emergen-C, and Alka Seltzer. Ok, just kidding on the Alka Seltzer. Never had it. However, I also enjoy the mixing part ofIrish Car Bombs. I never actually drink it. You see, if you don't drink it fast enough, the Bailey's coagulates, and it's disgusting. So basically, I drop the shot of Bailey's in the Guiness, then give it to someone else to drink.
Anyone out there use this stuff? (The nuun, NOT the Jaeger)
3 tubes of nuun (makes 36 bottles of water): ~$20

Now is where you come in. What else belongs on this list? As runners, we're already kinda quirky. We all have something in the "just buy it already!" category. Comment away!

Post-post editing: I ran 8.1 miles today. First, a great 5K with Parsenn at Parsenn pace. Then I ran 5 miles as a speed workout. Surprisingly, I finished in 31:26 (6:17 pace) and TOTALLY shocked myself. I was pumped with a 6:30 pace last week, and 6:17 wasn't too bad. Wow! Also, it was chilly and windy, and my nipples hurt. See #4 above.
I also tried to take a bunch of pictures of stuff to add to this post. I had a lot of trouble with the camera, though, and quit halfway through. I think it needs a new memory card. I probably won't buy one. Too expensive.


Tri+Umph said...

When you said "Now here's where you come in" I was half expecting a reminder that your birthday or some other holiday was coming up!

Triseverance said...

Nuun is good, I personally like the Tri-Berry and Citrus flavors, the lemon lime is just ok and the Kona Cola with caffine is not to good in my opinion.

Sounds like maybe you will spend a bit of your stimulus check. Good for you.

Marcy said...

LMAO I'm with Doug! I was totally thinking we had to get you a B-day present or something :P

I need a new stick of Bodyglide myself. My 2 y.o ate mine. I'm not kidding. It has teeth marks and finger holes in it. I guess she likes the taste of stinky feet?!? Because that's the only place I use it LOL

Nitmos said...

Instead of the Coleman, you could wear one of those mosquito net hats. What? Did I miss the point?

I think you covered it. However, the biggest problem I have is finding good shorts to wear with the proper storage compartments to hold my stuff.

Nitmos said...

And by "stuff" I mean the nutrition I use on the run.

Footfeathers said...

This is VERY funny. I live a pretty simple life, but one of the things I treat myself to are running items. I have three unopened boxes of trail shoes, a few dozen tech shirts, multiple hand held water bottles, boxes of cliff bars (assorted), a collection of new running socks that must total 30 pairs, and enough body glide to cover the space shuttle for re-entry. I figure with all the time I spend running, I may as well enjoy it.

Great post.

Steve Stenzel said...

You can NEVER have enough of the "Glide."

Nancy said...

Dude, what's your address. I will you send you some Body Glide for God's sake. :D Now that's cheap.

Unknown said...

I give a Thumbs up to Nuun. Love the stuff.
Another one I like is Motortabs, http://www.motortabs.com/. A little more sugar than nuun but individually wrapped!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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