07 April 2008

A "Feast" of Knowledge (and Trans Fats)

That's kind of a cheesy title for this entry, but it works. You see, the most interesting facts I learned this weekend were the following:

A. Red Lobster's Admirals Feast has 22 grams of Trans Fat. Wow.

2. The longer the chain of Omega 3 Fatty Acid, the more health benefit it has. So it's official: Flaxseed, you can't compete with Salmon.

IV. Eggs can lower cholesterol! Recent studies have shown that patients with high cholesterol did not raise their cholesterol, and some even lowered their cholesterol, by eating one egg per day. I've been saying for a while that eggs are good for you--especially when they come from a free range chicken and they're not served next to bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns. Speaking of meat, Medium rare is the way to go on red meat. Well done meat can lead to denatured and carcinogenic proteins.

I remember learning a lot of this already but it was great to have a refresher on it and some practical applications to specific health problems. So to recap: Eat a salad!

I also ran a couple times this weekend, totalling 16 miles at a 7 minute pace. The runs really felt easy, and it was difficult at times to keep my pace at 7. After experiencing that, I decided to sign up for another half marathon this weekend, I'm approaching this one a bit differently, though. I'm going to go to the course early and run some miles before the start, hopefully totalling 18-20 continuous miles.

In other news, I also did some cross training this weekend--in the form of Wii. If you haven't played it at all, it won't mean much, but my right rotator cuff is as sore as it has ever been. Between Bowling, Boxing, Home Run Derby, and Tennis, I destroyed my upper right extremity. Thats enough "cross training" for a while.


aharmer said...

We're definitely still on for the beer at the end! We could do one Friday too if you want, I always seem to find my way into Old Chicago after picking up my race packet. Shoot me your cell number on email before the race and we'll hook up.

Doug said...

Sounds like someone has a case of Wii-Aches! (thats the technical term)

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

I have a couple nieces with Wii elbow - guess it is a frequent injury these days. But, anything for good upper body strenght - helps in the final sprint!

Jess said...

Interesting nutritional info -- thanks!

Nitmos said...

Very familiar with Wii aches. In fact, we just broke in a Wii virgin this weekend and, of course, it resulted in the Wii shoulder ache.

Nice paces to your run. You are ready for a BQ.

Triseverance said...

Dude my daughter got the Wii for her birthday, I am hooked on that thing, it is way to fun.
What half are you doing this weekend? Let me know if it's Oshkosh.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I think either NEJM or JAMA had a case report about wii-itis. :D Isn't it fun? I once sliced the top of a wine glass off with a wicked forehand. hee hee.

The dietary stuff is a great refresher. It's scary how much stuff we once knew and forget. It's giving me the itch to take a class or something.