04 April 2008

Back to school

This weekend I'm off to Stevens Point for the first of 4 seminars on nutrition and some continuing ed credits. The seminar runs all day on Saturday and until about noon on Sunday, so I've already scouted the surrounding area for some running opportunities. Stevens Point still has a lot of snow on the ground, so I'm not sure about running on the local trails, but I did find a city park with a one mile loop of road in it. Interval workout, perhaps? Another option is to get in the car right away on Sunday and head for home, stopping at 7 Hills Road and giving it another shot.

I'm still really sore, though, from yesterday. I got my butt kicked!

Have a great weekend!


Reid said...

I'd go for the interval work. I love running in new places. You'll have other opportunities to run 7 Hill, but will you have the opportunity to run Stevens Point?

As for me, I need to see if I can squeeze in a single mile between now and Boston. I have my sights set on a sub-5er.

Have fun at class!

aharmer said...

That hill run sounds fun. Did you guys end up getting a dorm room in Duluth? Are you running with your wife?

Jess said...

Have fun at school! Hope you get some runs in.