17 April 2008

Checks #2 and #3

Yesterday morning I was up and out to the IAT at around 8:00 for a planned 6 miler with Parsenn. The little guy wasn't up for 6, however, and his tongue was dragging by mile 2, so we turned around and finished up with 4 miles.

I really love going out to the trails--especially the IAT. This particular part of the trail is a bit north of where they hold the Glacial Trail 50, and anyone who's taken part in that event knows how rocky it can be. The trails are always a welcome break from pavement for me. The change in footing, the abrupt changes in elevation, the quiet surroundings. Trail running also forces me to increase my cadence, decrease my pace, and not heel strike at all in my stride. In addition to all that, Parsenn is always entertaining--from "hunting" leaves blowing in the wind to going around the wrong side of tree (he's on a leash most of the time), all he wants is to keep up. Sometimes his legs just aren't long enough!

Today was my track workout, hoping to do a Yasso workout (10 800's at sub-3:00). After a mile warmup, I was off and enjoying it, as you can see by the results:

1: 2:45
2: 2:48
3: 2:48
4: 2:50
5: 2:51
6: 2:50

I wanted to do ten 800's but was feeling so good after the first 6 (with 1:50 rest intervals) that I upped the stakes a bit, and ran the last 4 800's as miles. Results:

7/8: 5:51
9/10: 5:48

Wow! To say the least, I was pumped!

After checking these workouts off the list, all that's left for this week is my long run. I'll get back to you later this weekend.


Tri+Umph said...

Well well. Someone's race ready.

Nice job!

Marcy said...

5's?!?! Whoooaaaaa Momma!