21 March 2008

You've GOT to be kidding me.

Well, two days after getting to run outside wearing shorts, Wisco decided to take on 6 inches of snow...and counting. And because I really can't handle the treadmill for that amount of time, I bundled up and ran around town for exactly 1:30, covering who knows how much ground. My Avg HR was 139 with a max of 166.
Speaking of HR, I had my "zones" checked yesterday. I got to wear a big "Hannibal Lecter" mask and strap myself to a treadmill. The text ended with me running 8 mph on a 10% incline for about 2 minutes. That part kinda sucked.
I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I remember my Anaerobic Threshold being 179, my Anaerobic Balance being 176 (you want these numbers close together, so that's good), and my Zone 2 HR ending at 150. I think this means I've been training in the high Zone 2 and low Zone 1 for the majority of this year.
I'm interested in trying AHarmer's T-40 workouts so as to compare progress through the year. I'll have to train myself to stay on the treadmill for that long, though!
Speaking of which, it appears I'm not the only one sick of this white shhh-tuff.

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Jess said...

It appears that anyone living in the Midwest is getting pounded with snow right now. Sucks for you suckers!