19 March 2008

Havoc breaks out all over town.

My legs were re-introduced to the outdoors last night. Yep, you guessed it--I ran in shorts. Several injuries were reported across the city of Plymouth from 5:58 PM CST (or is it CDT?) to 6:31 PM. Most victims reported a pale white object crossing their vision before they walked into a lightpole or crashed their car into the remnants of a snowbank. Who cares if it was actually only 41 degrees out!
The sun was shining, snow is melting, and I wanted to run one of my favorite 5 milers in town. I ended up running 33:21 (6:40 pace), which I think is pretty good considering 2 of the miles were through melting snow and slush, thus slowing my pace down. I'll take it. And I'll also give credit to Steve for the idea to expose those poor saps to my legs.


Doug said...

You know, I thought I saw a flash of white to the north!

I'll have to say you were definitely cruising for those 5 miles!

Marcy said...

LMAO! I hear you homie! I need some sun on mine as well. Not pretty.