08 March 2008

Today's Edition of "Reasons Not to Run 20 Miles"

1. Plymouth lost a heartbreaker yesterday at State. I think I feel worse about this loss than any game I played in.

2. I drowned my sorrows in Guinness last night and may be a wee bit dehydrated.

3. It's cold out today. 13 mph winds and -3 degrees.

4. I leave on Wednesday for Colorado and should probably think about packing.

After considering all of this, I'm heading out. To quote one of the greatest motion pictures never to win an Oscar, BRING IT ON!

UPDATE: When I left, I kept the wind in mind, and after deciding it was mostly out of the North, that's the direction I headed. I wanted to run sub-8 minute miles for the first 10-12 miles and then crank it up a bit on the way back. I ended up turning around a bit earlier than 10 miles however. You see, while running outside on days like this make me tougher, there is one sign that will send me back from where I came every time:

This sign was a little misleading, however, because I could hear at least 3 seperate and distict growls from behind the fence of this particular yard, and the sign only makes mention of a single dog. Good thing there were three different signs of similar messages posted on the fence. One for each dog, I guess. As I've mentioned, there was a fence, and they were probably securely contained, but I DID NOT care to confirm.

Don't get me wrong...I love dogs...THAT I KNOW AND DON'T REQUIRE A WARNING SIGN. So, at 9.46 miles, I turned around. I was feeling great on the way home, too. My last couple miles, where I wanted to run "race pace" to end the run, turned out as follows:

14: 6:57
15: 7:02
16: 7:00
17: 7:10
18: 6:55
19: 7:58 (Uphill, into the wind...)
20: 6:56 (Downhill, with wind :) )
21: 10:52 (Hello, Wall! ...and a cool down)

Needless to say...I'm pretty pumped! Only a couple asterisks remain. At about mile 7 or 8 my left foot fell asleep. How annoying is THAT? I loosened up the shoe, walked/shuffled for about a mile, then laced it back up, and on I went. Anyone else deal with this? I can't stand it! I also am a bit concerned, as I only took in one Gu and about 6 oz of Gatorade the entire time. I think I need to work on nutrition more, but in temperatures like this I don't develop a thirst at all. I think it's because my nose is sniffling the entire run, so I'm getting a steady supply of "drainage" to tide me over. I welcome any thoughts on the foot numbness, as well as the nutrition.

And I'd also like to apologize for the rather disgusting explanation for my lack of thirst on runs.

Overall time: 20 Miles, 2:39 (7:56 pace), Avg HR 156, Max HR 190 (last mile)


aharmer said...

I'm reading blogs this morning looking for inspiration to go out and do a 25 myself. It's sneaking up on the middle of March and it's below zero...what the hell's going on here??? Sorry to hear about your team...my local HS lost on a buzzer beater in OT last night.

Doug said...

I definitely bought into your wussing out story. Good to hear you decided to get out there!

Grellan said...

This pre-dehydration thing may catch on as a good training technique - will only make you stronger.

Marcy said...

Dude you are freekin hardcore. I was totally thinking you were gonna relax LOL

aharmer said...

I just sent my dorm request in and I don't think you can request a specific dorm. If you can, I'm just letting them pick for me because I didn't see anything. I stayed at UMD last year and it was great. St. Scholastica is the other option and I honestly can't remember if that was more or less desirable. In my opinion it doesn't matter. We'll have to hoop up before or after the race for beer.

aharmer said...

LOL...meant 'hook' up for beer. Although with your interest in hoops maybe we can find a place to 'hoop' up for beer as well!

Nitmos said...

Was your foot simply frozen? Happens to me this time of year.

I'm never frightened of dogs that follow me except on one occasion where a kid starting calling after a dog named "Jackal" in a panicky voice. That put a jump in my step.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Did your foot swell at all? That can cause it to numb as the shoe gets tight.

You are way hard core. I'm not worthy.