28 March 2008

7 AM vs 7 PM

Ever have those runs that are a struggle? You're just not feeling it...your stomach is mixing concrete and feels heavy, your breathing is instantly labored, the sidewalks are all icy, and you're always running into a headwind. Yep, that was me yesterday morning. I was up early and out on my route by 7:00 AM, hoping to cover 15-20 miles at my planned marathon pace (7:15). I had picked out a 5 mile loop in town and even packed a bag full of snacks and water for each time around. But I wasn't feeling it. I ended up completing one loop of 5 miles in 36:32, so I was running the planned pace but really not feeling like taking another step. So I quit. Man, that's tough to type. I quit. Ugh.

Walking back to my house, I was disappointed, to say the least. I was actually in a funk the majority of the morning after that. I ate wayyy too much food at lunch to comfort my bruised ego and that was the turning point in the day. I needed to fix things. So I did.

I had a great afternoon at the office, finished up around 7 PM and returned home. I grabbed Parsenn and changed into some bright clothing (it's still dark by 7:00 here). Into my ears went the iPod Shuffle, and out the door went Parsenn and I. I ran a 5K route in town that I really like, first at Parsenn Pace, then on my own:

1 27:06 8:43 (Parsenn Pace is improving! He broke 9 minutes for the first time!)
2 22:19 7:11
3 21:53 7:03
4 22:00 7:05
5 22:10 7:08

Ladies and Gentlemen, that's a 25K at sub marathon pace (okay, so the first loop was slow, but don't ruin the moment)! I could have kept going, too, but by this time it was approaching 10 PM and I still hadn't seen my wife, so I called it quits. I slept like a baby last night and am looking forward to this weekend. Ellie and I are running a very hilly half marathon in Green Bay. I would love to break 1:30, but I'm not sure about the course, so we shall see. I would like to get in a couple miles before and after too in hopes of running about 20 total.

I saw a commercial last night from New Balance (can anyone find the actual video?)about the "Love/Hate" relationship runners have with running. How fitting that I would see it yesterday, after a bad run almost ruined a day, but a good run absolutely made it--all in about 12 hours!

Thanks, to Reid (who, by the way, makes me TOTALLY jealous in his new jacket), here's the LOVE/hate commercial:


Nitmos said...

Nice. Way to shake it off. At this point, you are getting very close to being too fast for the eye to see. I suspect those watching you go by see little more than a human form with blurry, undefined edges and a trailing silhouette. Great run.

The Laminator said...

Yeah. I feel like we're the same you and I. I could see myself reacting the same way if I was in your situation. Congrats. Good luck in the half-marathon.

Reid said...

Way to go. It's amazing what a little time will do. I think I found the commercial you were referring to. There were a couple on YouTube, but here's a link to one: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bdeEPhdpay0

Good luck with the half marathon. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Marcy said...

I have those days everyday :-X So why am I still running? LMAO!

Sweet commercial homie! GOOD LUCK!! ;D