26 March 2008

Another good run...

...and I'm not even going to mention the weather or the running conditions outside, with the exception of mentioning the pasties made another appearance! I ran a 5K route in town, first at Parsenn Pace, then at my pace, which ended up being 20:33, with an AvgHR of 162. It felt great!
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in my long run, and I want to do it at planned marathon pace (7:15) to see how exactly I feel at that pace with about 6 weeks left. Wish me luck, both with the weather and with the run!


The Laminator said...

I'll wish you luck, even though I know you've been running so well, you won't need it...

trailbone said...

Good luck with the run. The weather on the other hand, we've had nothing even resembling luck here lately. Just white flakes.

Marcy said...

You keep sporting those leggers and I'll have to be jealous of the tan factor LOL.

GOOD LUCK!! I'm sure you'll do great ;D

Reid said...

Good luck with the run. I can't wait to hear about it!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Parsenn Pace sounds like a ball. The dog is dang handsome.

Good luck with the stupid weather. I couldn't believe it but we got snow this morning again. What gives with this snow.

Grellan said...

Re your trip to Ireland in July. You didn't say where in Ireland you were headed so here are a few race opportunities:-

Cork Area-
2 July - Styker 4 Mile, Carrigtwohill - 2000 hrs
3 July - Corkbeg 5 mile, Whitegate - 2000 hrs.
9 July - EMC 5k, Ovens - 2000 hrs
13 July Fermoy 5 Mile, Fermoy

5 July - Irish Runner 5 Mile,
Phoenix Park - 1000 hrs.

Other Locations
5 July - Achill Half Marathon, Keel
Co Mayo - 1100 hrs.
11 July - GSK 5 mile, Dungarvan Co Waterford - 2000 hrs.

Nitmos said...

Really, I just give up on the weather. If winter won't quit, I quit winter. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't exist anymore.

bill carter said...

Hi Nic

7:15 pace?? I agree with Lam. The way you have been running you will have no trouble at all with that pace. Of ocurse, the way the weather has been lately you could be running in a blizzard and that could make things interesting..

Best of luck.