31 January 2008

Getting back at it

Last night I knew I wasn't running outside. The roads are terrible and it's F.C., as a fellow Wisconsin Runner would put it. So I went up to the ole Alma Mater (PHS) and started running in circles.

That's right, 7 times around the main part of the school is a mile. Makes it pretty easy to run a solid 7:00/mile pace, which I did for 4 miles. The knee put up a bit of an argument, but nothing all that terrible.
This morning I went to work with my wife (she said it's "Take Your Husband to Work Day") and used their facility's elliptical machines to put in 7 miles in 50 minutes. At that point, I bundled up and hit the above-mentioned cold and terrible roads for a 6 mile run home. I actually quite enjoyed the run--in a winter coat, with a backpack on (I changed out of the sweaty clothes before leaving), listening to my shuffle for the first time in ages. Ahh, now that was probably the best run of the year so far. Not a bad time, either, for all those layers: 42:10.


Doug said...

Sounds like your knee is holding up fairly well; I hope it keeps improving!

I'm bored. 37 minutes until registration opens... I have nothing to do.

Ohh.. 36 minutes!

Marcy said...

Running in a winter coat? Ok if you have to don the coat that is F-R-E-E-K-I-N-G cold! You rock, homes!

bill carter said...

That is dedication. When you are willing to run in those kind of conditions (winter coat and running in circles) you are not only a runner, but a competitive runner. I want to see you in Boston '09 so lets just make the commitment right now!

Best of luck.

Jess said...

Nice job on the running, especially in the wintry weather!