28 January 2008

The Furgdon Training Plan

What? You've never heard of Furgdon?
There's a good reason for that. It's the combination of Furman and Higdon and it's the template for my training this spring. Last year I stuck to the Furman FIRST training plan after reading about it in Runners World. The basic idea is quality over quantity--3 runs a week, but these three runs are done with the intention of kicking your rear end. On "off" days you cross train. I really liked it, but I found myself not doing much cross training (ahem...lazy) so this year I wanted to increase my mileage and relied on what I originally used for training..Hal Higdon.
Basically, I'm trying to put in miles every day, anchored by the Furman workouts. Non-Furman days are runs that get my HR up but don't burn me out too much.
Tonight was the first track workout of the program, but considering the local track is under 6" of snow I searched for and found the one strip of sidewalk in this town that is mostly cleared off and used that. 4 800 repeats, hoping for sub 3-minutes each, with a mile warmup and cooldown:
Warmup: 1 mile (8:00)
1: 3:00
2: 2:50
3: 2:58
4: 3:02 (Grrrrrrrrrrr)
Cooldown: 1 mile (7:56)

The knee felt pretty good...hopefully I'll be saying the same thing tomorrow...


keith said...

It always feels awesome to start a new training program, doesn't it?!

Marcy said...

You know, I might just steal this idea from you :P I got the Furman book "Run Less Run Faster" (or something like that :P) and used the FIRST plan for the 1st HM I trained for. I really liked it. But I dreaded the cross training days (would have rather been running) soooo my cross training days were kinda skimpy LOL. Let me know how it goes ;-)

Marcy said...

Ohhhh homie before I forget if you're interested, the book has a whole plan on how to BQ. I can photocopy it off or e-mail it or something if you want it ;-)

kurt decker said...

Have you ever looked into Pete Pfitzinger's training books ? Both him and Jack Daniels are my favorite. Pete used to write for Running Times.

Good luck in the training !!!! I am just writing up my plan today !!!

Jess said...

Hybrid plans are often a good way to go -- take the best of each and apply it to yourself.

Nitmos said...

I have also been using a bit of the Furgdon plan I guess. 3 hard days and...and...nothing else. I'm a big proponent of quality over quantity.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hmmmm, did you take that video down? Have I lost my mind? That poor girl, she most have motored like no other. WOW. And the doggie video was going to be next. I have lost my mind...