16 November 2007

"It's the opening weekend of Deer Camp, and all the guys are here. We drink, play cards, and shoot the bull, but never shoot no deer..."

"the only time we leave the camp, is when we go for beer! It's the opening weekend of deer camp, and all the guys are here!"
--Da Yoopers

If something like this guy strolls by, I might...just might...take the safety off. But that's about it.

For the first time in 12 years, I'm actually going deer hunting when the season opens this Saturday morning, 15 minutes before sunrise (6:48 am). What I mean by "deer hunting" is actually going up to my father-in-law's cabin with my brother-in-law, Doug, and sitting in the woods for all of an hour at the most, before returning to the cabin to play cards, nap, eat breakfast, and then hang out (maybe even get a run in, wearing blaze orange of course). Will my rifle ever be taken off safety? Not likely. Especially for the afternoon "hunt," when we'll go out equipped a cigar, maybe a beer, and a good book. But not a gun. We won't have an empty hand to carry it! I'm just really excited to get up there and spend some quality time with by 2nd Dad and my younger Bro. It'll be fun. Except for the fact we're leaving at about 5 today, heading north on one of the main roads to get up nort' along with about 7 million other people.
As for running, I haven't done much recently. It's been windy and cold (not nearly as windy or cold as it's gonna get around here, but still quite a change) and my motivation has been low. I ran a 5 mile loop last night in 33:33, a time I'm relatively happy with. Next week, to counteract all the food I'll be ingesting before, during, and after the Packers move to 9-1 against the Lions, I'll be running the Turkey Trot 10K on Thursday (with some added mileage I'll tell you about in a future post) and the Noodleini 15K on Sunday. These are two distances I've never run before, so I'm interested to see what I can do. On Thursday, I'd love to break 42:00. There, I typed it. That's my goal time.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and say a prayer for a safe hunt here in Wisconsin for all.


keith said...

I wouldn't have minded a chance at a buck like that this year...

(At least a chance I didn't blow).

Be careful running out there! I hear the WI rifle deer season is pretty nuts.

bill carter said...

I love deer camp. It has been a family tradition for years in my family as well. We are all bow hunters and do usually shoot a deer or two each, but it is more about the comraderie than anything else.
I also love running up north out on some of the wooded trails.
Cool stuff.
Good luck and be careful.

The Laminator said...

We eastern metropolis city folk have no idea what deer camp is, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck and be safe out there!

Jess said...

I knew that's all you guys did up at those cabins!