15 October 2007

Tempting...very tempting.

The Chicago Lakefront 50K/50M has added a marathon for those interested...well, for the first 200 interested. I gave this some serious thought when I first heard about it last night. But I can't do it--I think it would be too much, considering I'll be coming off a 50 mile relay. Plus, after spending the last two weekends in Chicago traffic, I need a break from that also. But if any of you want to get in a decent marathon with much better weather, act quickly!
It looks like this upcoming spring I'll be running the Journeys Marathon instead of Green Bay. My brother-in-law graduates from college in Chicago on the Saturday before the marathon, and I plan on celebrating his graduation from college like a...well...college student. Or at least my best impersonation of one (which in my case means about 5 beers and I'm snoring). All the gatorade in the world the next day may not be enough to re-hydrate me.
I ran a 5 mile loop tonight in 34:32, and it felt great! No aches, no calf tightness to report. Bring on Door County!


Doug Cichon said...

You're not alone in the 'light weight' club, my friend! I went out to celebrate us spanking LSU Saturday (Okay, so winning in 3rd over time isn't exactly spanking, but LSU was ranked #1!).

I probably had 5-6 Budweisers and was feeling real good. I was drinking fluids by the gallon the next day and I honestly still feel dehydrated!

The Laminator said...

Nice to hear you're running so well so soon after a marathon. Very cool!

Jess said...

That is an amazing 5 mile time! Holy cats.

Marcy said...

LMAO! Dude I'd probably be the same way if I tried to par-tay like a college student. I'd be lights out at the bar by 1:00am LOL