19 October 2007

One Last Tune-Up

I had a great 5.5 mile run last night, taking my time and enjoying a calm night--the kind you get before a big storm (which came through around 11:30). There's really not much to report run-wise. Everything felt good, and I'm excited about this weekend. Ellie and I still aren't sure who will be running which legs. There are ten legs in all, of varying length and difficulty, so several plans have been proposed by the race coordinator (me) and rejected by the race chief of staff (her). I'm not overly worried because I'm pretty confident I can pick up any miles if Ellie's knee starts acting up. I think it's safe to say she'll run between 17 and 22 miles in total, and I'll do the rest. I'm expecting we'll break 7 hours (an average 8:24 pace), and would love to break 6 and a 1/2 hours (7:48 pace), but all in all I'm just really excited to be up there with family and have fun, so that's the main objective.
We leave this afternoon for Door County, and we're off in the 9 AM flight tomorrow, so wish us luck! I'm doubting there's any online updates, but I'll be back, with pictures, on Sunday to let you know how it goes!

BTW...I love the logo for the event. It's simple, but classy and unique! I'm excited to don the bling bling at the end of the run!


Non-Runner Nancy said...


Be safe.

Have fun.


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Jess said...

Have a good race and good luck!

Leslie said...

I guess I'm late, but hope your race was fun!