02 October 2007

My wife's response...

to my Oct 1st post (below), via email:

From: Ellie
To: Nic
Subject: NO
you are not doing a run where it's 100 miles through stampeeding cows (although I do love cows), forest flaming infernos, BEARS, and blizzards (unless they have choc chip cookie dough for the spectators)!
you've got to be kidding me

It looks like i'm going to have to make sure there's a Dairy Queen somewhere near my first 100 miler!


Doug Cichon said...

I'll be honest, I had the same response you did; sounds like one crazy adventure!

Your wifes response had me laughing pretty hard, I'm sure you can convince her otherwise, right? :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

She's funny... and, spot on.