04 October 2007


days, and I'm ready. I ran a 5K today, using only perceived exertion as a time table for my pace, and my first mile was 6:35. Oops. I finished in 21:22, for a 6:52 pace. Double Oops. (I'm smiling right now, confidence rising)

The rest of the day and tomorrow I'm going to take it real easy. My job entails being on my feet the majority of the day, walking around and performing a rather physically active job, so I'm going to use that as my workout. It's time to keep putting back the fruits and veggies, chasing it with water. The last two mornings I've woken up with a bit of congestion, so I'm treating that also with some natural supplements and Airborne. My bag is packed (race bag, that is--priorities, you know?) and I'm excited. I think the majority of my family is pretty pumped about the weekend also, but for the most part they just want to get over it so I'll shut up. I can understand that too. So to them, I apologize. Please still cheer for me.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Like you are really going to shut up AFTER??? :) I doubt it. Won't you be talking about it every which way, analyzing, discussing, dissecting?? Well, if they get sick of you, we are here to hear it all :D


The Laminator said...

Yeah, I agree. You gotta talk about it. And I for one, would love to hear! Have a great race!