13 September 2007

Not exactly what I had planned.

I cut the run this morning short. I have several reasons (ahem...excuses) for this, and none are all that great. But I can acknowledge that and plan ahead.
I woke up this morning at 5 to get ready for a departure at 6. I was tired, my legs were sore, and the gravitational pull of my bed was exceptionally strong this morning. It was 42 degrees when I woke up. And windy (here come the reasons...). And dark. My allergies were acting up. My cup of coffee wasn't all that good, and reminded me again of that fact at about mile 3. I knew I had to be home by 8:30 so I could be at a Dr. appointment at 9:30. I couldnt' find my wallet. That's about all for excuses.
I will move the run back to this Saturday. That cuts back on my recovery time for the Quad Cities, but at the same time gets my last long run a little closer to Chicago. So I call that a push. I did cover 5 miles in 36:51 before stopping. My legs didn't feel all that great, but I still ran a decent pace. I'll take it. That's all for today. Now it's time to make sure I have no excuses for Saturday. I'm going to get adjusted and start pounding the Omega-3s and water.
You know, sometimes you just don't have it. I didn't this morning. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but instead focus on the next task at hand.

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Tom said...

Several of us who are blogging and running the Chicago Marathon are trying to get together to meet on marathon weekend, maybe for a drink or meal. No details yet. Let me know if you have an interest, and please feel free to tell anyone else blogging and heading to Chicago.

e-mail w comments or interest