24 August 2007

On the mend...

Well, David Miller, Hand & Foot Reflexologist, is amazing. I had been told he'd really make me "sing" when he went to work on my legs, and that was proven true. My soleus muscles and Achilles tendons proximally were very sore, but it's amazing the difference between today and yesterday. I still have some very mild tenderness in my right heel, in the area that a heel spur may develop. I xrayed it today to make sure all is well, and it is. So now it's time to ultrasound twice daily for the next two days, stretch, keep working with a Goose Bumps ball, and loosen up my Achilles even more. I'm hoping to run a 22 miler this weekend, again on a "criterium" course. It will probably be a 2 mile loop, run 11 times. I prefer this, as it allows for me to keep a better gauge on my splits, and also makes me lighter, as I won't be carrying bottles. I need to be smart, however, and be sure my heel is ready. I don't want to run on it and simply aggravate it more. If it's not better by Sunday afternoon, the 22 miler will be scratched for a week.
Tomorrow Ellie and I are going to a Dave Matthews Concert. I will need to refrain from dancing, which will actually be a good thing, as the people around us won't be in nearly as much danger of injury.

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