19 January 2016


Time to get cookin'!

Current plans include the following:

February 6: John Dick 50k.  I've been meaning to get down to this event for years.  This year it's gonna happen.  I'm not sure I have a full 31 miles in me, but look forward to maybe 30k or 40k of trails and friends.

April 2:  NK 50k.  I'll be not running, but organizing, and look forward to another great year.

May: ?  Maybe Green Bay Marathon, or Journeys Marathon.  TBD...

June 4: Kettle 50k.  Very cool event.  Point-to-Point, afternoon start.

July 9: Dances w/ Dirt - Devils Lake.  This will be a much-improved event this year, with a new Start/Finish area.

August 20: Marquette 50k.  LOVE.  THIS.  RACE.

September 17: Lapham Peak Trail Marathon.  5th straight win?

September 24: Driftless 50k.  New event.  New course for me.  From photos, it looks beautiful.  I really enjoyed running back-to-back events 2 years ago, and wanted to do that again this year in preparation for Glacial.  The North Face events are the same date at Lapham this year, so I went searching.  Thankfully trail races are sprouting up all over the place, and I look forward to a trip to Hillsboro, WI!

October 9: Glacial Trail.  Not sure yet about whether it'll be the 50 miler or the 50k...but I'll be there!

November 6: Milwaukee Running Festival.  I hope to return for another pacing marathon.

So there you have it, loyal readers :)

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