29 September 2013

Final Touches

There.  Done.

I've trained just about as hard (okay...95% of my max effort) as I could for Glacial.  Okay...I have to admit it--I left training miles out there.  But for this summer in this year of my life, I've done what I could do.

I can't wait to get through the next two weeks and run.  This week was a solid 55 miles, covering all of the course, and I felt pretty crappy through the whole thing.  I attribute this to the previous trail marathons I ran hard at, and I only hope to rest up and sharpen the edge a bit before October 13th.  As of today, this guy is now signed up which means I just moved down another position in finishing order, but all I can do is run my own race!  A couple years ago I ran 4:09 and finished 3rd.  This year, that time may not get me 5th, but I'm hoping to be around 4:10-4:15 on the day.

I honestly believe I'll be faster before I get slower, but with family and life right now, it's just tough.  My best days are still ahead, and I hope to have one of those good days in a couple weeks.

Then, I hope to share a beer with Rasmus, Dan, Matt, GR and all the rest of the Glacial Trail boys and girls...before this race gets bigger also~

Until my race report, Happy Trails to You Until We Meet Again.


Daniel Crouse said...

Good luck Nic. I'll be out there! Stop out to the group camp site on Sat if you get a chance.

nwgdc said...

Group Camp, Dan?