04 September 2013

Here We Go!

I've been doing my best to be a good little runner and train very well for the next 5 weeks.  Several bumps in the road (first-ever case of poison ivy...YIKES, an expansion at the office, two awesome kids, etc) have slowed the training at times but nonetheless I'm still pumped to run the following events:

Saturday, Lapham Peak Marathon

September 14, North Face Endurance Challenge Madison Marathon

October 13, Glacial Trail 50k

I'm looking forward to a solid racing effort at Lapham Peak, shooting to beat my time from last year of 3:37.  Then, at North Face, I think 3:30 is a solid goal.  And at Glacial, I'd like to PR the course (sub 4:09).

Next post will be a report from Lapham.  Let's do this!

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