03 June 2012

"Change of Plans"

I'm half asleep in bed.  The light of dawn is starting to work its way in to our new bedroom.  While I know my wife hates sleeping in anything but pitch black, I love the light of the morning.  It wakes me up at 4:40.  My alarm is set for 4:50.  I have 20 miles to run, and I have a promise to my son (and my wife, more importantly) to be home for breakfast.  That means I'm home at 8:00 AM, at the latest if I don't want to be in trouble.  Hence, a 4:50 alarm.

I was up around 4:45 to let Ellie know that Estelle (our almost-5-month-old) was awake.  We've got a bit of an arrangement:  I take care of teething Edwin through the night, and she's got Ella. After all, she's got the boobs :)

So anyway, there I was, 4:47, waiting for the alarm.  At 4:50, it's off.  I turn to get out of bed and notice that my legs are achy.  My hilly 10 mile marathon pace run from yesterday, and the hilly 10 mile run from Thursday are adding up. 

While I'm sitting there, Ellie walks in with Estelle.  Ellie asks what time I'm leaving to run.  I answer, 5:00 AM.  She gives me a look, and Ella follows with this:

"Change of Plans?"


So, instead of a 20 miler, I spend almost two hours with sweet baby Estelle (aka Ella, if you haven't figured that out yet), moving from the downstairs to the basement to keep the house quiet while she fills it with laughter, being prompted by her "Da" and Parsenn. 

Later in the day, when Eddy and Ella were both napping, I snuck out for 10 trail miles.  Not what I had in mind...but so it goes for me right now.  And I love it.

I also know that Eddy will be waiting for me at the finish line in Manitowoc in a couple weeks.  And whether or not I break 3 hours, he'll be happy to see me.

Just like he was this morning eating pancakes and bacon. 

I love it!

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