05 December 2011

Weekly Rundown

Monday - I wanted to run in the morning...but I got lazy. Instead, after Edwin was in bed, I ran back to the office to get some work done, finishing with 5 miles at 7:14 pace. I had a couple miles in there that dipped under 7 minutes. They felt very difficult. That's what I get for an entire month of November without much exercise.

Tuesday - 60 minutes of basketball. For having not touched a ball in over 3 months, I was surprised at how well I played, with the exception of an absolute 100% inability to make a layup. I'm guessing I'll be sore tomorrow, too.

Wednesday - nada. Too much going on at work. I'm hoping to run every day in December, including a big one on my birthday (the 30th), so it looks like today is my last day off.

Thursday - Well, here's the plan for December. I'd like to exercise for 31 hours in the 31 days. An hour a day, right? That's not bad. Pretty simple...
Today's early run went 55 minutes (7.5 miles)before I really, really had to use the bathroom. I'm already 5 minutes behind. This challenge will keep me motivated through the month. Then comes baby time (Due January 6), and then we'll see...maybe I'll try out this event.

Friday - Nada. ugh. I got zapped at the office again -- big week, business-wise, with several very interesting cases that I'd considered sharing on the blog, but haven't -- and chose beer over running when I finally got home at 6:45. Then, I went back to the office at 9 for some clean up work on some files. This leaves me needing 3 hours and 5 minutes in the next two days. Manageable.

Saturday - 1 hour. 15 minutes of jogging around, then a 45 minute 5 miler with Edwin and my sister-in-law Gretchen at the Sleigh Bell Run. It was wonderful to spend 45 minutes chatting with Gretchen. We married siblings, so we could each share stories of what it's like to have married an Andrews. It's unique, to say the least...
Soaking, but Smiling. This is the first time the jacket I won at the North Face 50k really came in handy! (Edwin, to my left, is a bit bored...and may have a full diaper in the BOB.)

Sunday - 2 hours on local horsetrails. The park where I ran is a real blue-collar kind of place. The trails are rugged and in pretty rough shape, especially when it's wet outside. Still, I like it because I rarely see anyone else.

On to this week!

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