12 December 2010

Fun With Math

Take a look at the picture below and use some sin/cos/tan action to give me the angle I've got my treadmill rigged to!

Not long after that post was taken (you can see him appearing stage left in the above photo), Parsenn appeared, stood in front of me, and wondered why exactly I would waste my time on something like Geometry when I could be outside with him playing in the snow.

Speaking of snow...here's a photo of me being told I'm not allowed to re-enter my home until I get rid of all the outer clothing that was worn while on snow removal detail. Welcome to Wisconsin! Today included a total of 5 hours outside clearing snow from my driveway, my sidewalk, and my neighbors' driveways...

In other news, I got in a couple decent runs this week. I'm battling a bad back--I know...not a good thing for a chiropractor to have--so I've limited the miles in favor of yoga and other activities. I ran 7 miles at sub-3 pace on Thursday, with a couple extra miles for a warmup, and then on Saturday, before the storm arrived, I ran 5 repeats of a local Ice Age Trail hill. I'm very disappointed to learn how little overall elevation change there is on this hill. But, then again, considering the events I'm training for (St. Louis Marathon, Ice Age 50K, and later on, Glacial Trail 50K again), I guess I don't need a TON of elevation. I only need the ability to hold a decent pace while doing a little bit of elevation over and over and over again.


C said...

I'm going with 7.7 degrees for the angle.

P.S.-Your dog is adorable.

Happy shoveling.

SteveQ said...

I'll do the math later. I always end up having to do the 1:12 grade thingie, rather than using the angle.

My back's been tweaked from shoveling. "Lift with the back, not the legs...twist and jerk... do as much weight as possible each time rather than make extra reps." I could be a personal trainer, with a chiropractor on speed dial!

Ace said...

shoveling duty = extreme cross training.

p.s. How is that all dogs in the world have that identical look when they want you to play?

SteveQ said...

I just realized no math is required. Go to Google Images and search for "protactor," print it out and lay it over the screen.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Wow. Out-math nerded in the comments by SteveQ.

I did NOT see that coming.

Incidentally, that happens also to be what she said. Not the nerd thing. The coming thing. But, to be clear, she wasn't talking about the same thing I was. She was talking about premature climaxes, if I'm reading the context clues correctly and assuming I have accurately gauged the angle of her adianoeta, which should be about two, what with it being a double entendre and all.

In any case, SteveQ definitely passed your nerd test.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Someone here in the library this morning called espn radio "The Douche-satchels of the radio waves".

Full disclosure: It was me.

Don't you usually listen to NPR?