17 October 2010

RELUCTANTLY approaching an 'off season'

I'm still floating around on a rush from the Glacial Trail 50k. I ran the first half in 1:59, which has me thinking how I can break 4 hours on the course next year. It really is a tough course, and looking back at the available past years results, 4:09 stacks up pretty well, but sub-4 is almost, dare I say...'elite.' I live so close and am so familiar with the trail that I feel like I could really pinpoint the training and make it happen.
Next weekend I'm running the Fall 50 as a 4 person team. I'm responsible for about 30 of the miles, so it'll be a fun time, and I've already pegged next year's Fall 50 as my next try at the 50 mile distance. Speaking of which, I was talking to Ellie yesterday about that, and she told me that she just assumed I'd be done with marathons altogether (is that one word or two?) now that I've 'won' one, and that I shouldn't run a 50 miler until I win a 50k. That obviously led to me asking her, "So lets say I win a 50k. And then I train for and win a 50 miler. What happens then? 100k? 100 miles?"
Her response: "I'm not worried about that scenario ever playing out."
Spot on, I'd say.
I'm planning to pull back on the running over the course of November, December, and January. I definitely want to avoid injury first and foremost, but also allow for some real fire and desire to build up before the training starts again in earnest. As of now I really think the goal race will be Ice Age 50k, and I'd like to run Chippewa again...depending on the time of April (hopefully it's later April).
I also really want to run a fast marathon--fast being under 3 hours--but don't really want to train to do it. I'd rather it just happened while I was training for a trail 50k. I'm not sure that's possible, but we'll see how the running goes next spring and summer, and maybe I can work one in.
Until then, I'm really better off NOT thinking about it, and trying to hold myself to a REAL off season...although there are a couple winter 50k events already bouncing around in the back of my mind.
I just gotta get to this weekend, so I'm running again!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

and she told me that she just assumed I'd be done with marathons altogether (is that one word or two?)

It's one and spelled the way you have it, with one "l".

When it's a synonym for "entirely", it's "altogether": "You are altogether right for thinking 'altogether' was the word that would bring us all together into this room at one time."

That there is how you use the two-word (and two-"l"ed) "all together". It means ... erm ... "all of us in one place together".

O, fuck it! Here.

Why don't you go out and get that sub-3 marathon first?


SteveQ said...

The longer you wait, the harder 3:00 gets! Remember my friend Don ran 3:00:06 and thought he had all the time in the world to break 3; he's 65 now - it ain't happening.

nwgdc said...

Wow...two comments (not that I expect many) and both mention the sub-3 thing.
I think the sub-3 goal has moved up, from 'at some point' to next spring. Now I need to figure out where, but the leader is currently LaCrosse.

oakley said...

Great post. I enjoyed reading...